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Short Shots dilemma

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Silverdoc, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Hey Guys, how are you all, Ive recently joined net rider.
    Im a new owner of V 650) Yamaha classic bike, 1 month old 2012 model, so excited to join the forum, still on mt L plates,

    Ive done alot of research regarding aftermarket Pipes, i decided to go with the V&H short shots, my issue now is the part number i Spoke to Zpower and Yamaha city about the pipes, they both gave me part number V18519, Yamaha city have them for 550$ and they are in stock whereas Zpower have them for 420$ but i will need to wait for 8 weeks.

    I tried to oprder them from the US websites but the issue i found was that V& H website and Cruise costomisers both have the V18515 as the new model part for bikes models 05 to 10 whereas V 18519 for model 04-05.

    Anyone have those pipes installed or know how to find out the proper part number?
    thank you for the help guys, very much appreciated
  2. V18515's are for the California bikes, V18519's are normal. Link to a place I get stuff from, took 2 weeks over Christmas to get my last purchase from them.
  3. PM LazyLibran - he's got a set of V&H for his Vstar.......should have some good info for you
  4. i dunno but ,
    v n h is USA took me 10 days for mine , why not
    contact v n h direct and ask them
    usa vstars are called diff names as above
  5. ps i recon short shots sre too loud and wannabe
    cruisers ate better
  6. The Lazy One has V & H cruzers. I have Short Shots on my Classic. They are loud - I'd probably go the Cruzers if I was putting them on (my bike came with them).
  7. Hi doc, my classic has VnH cruisers, which I consider borderline toooo loud, but shorties are even louder again. I'm not saying don't but see if you can check out the short shots compared to cruisers before the big investment. They are great just bliping around town but by the end of a long ride they are starting to grate on the hearing gear a bit. Rod
  8. I know it's not what you asked, Silverdoc, but I'm going to add a +1 for Cruzers over Short Shots. I reckon the Cruzers are plenty loud enough compared to the stock pipes, while the Short Shots are just crazy loud and liable to drive you and everyone around you mental, doubly so if you're riding long distances. They're also likely to attract the wrong kind of attention, so unless you really want to be fighting noise pollution charges, maybe think again.

    Hotrod's got Cruzers on his VStar. If you rock along to the Saturday learner session in Elwood, he's often there and would almost certainly let you have a listen. Check out this thread for details: https://netrider.net.au/threads/vic...-rider-basic-skills-practice-sessions.115150/

    On another note, you might want to stop by the Welcome Lounge forum and post up an introduction thread to say hi before someone jumps on you about it.
  9. Thanks Lucifer_mr2, that website is really cheap, and have everything I need and will need in the future,

    Thanks bitsar and Phil01for the reply

    Thanks Tone2 for the reply, I've been thinking about that for a while now, while I like the cruzer's sound I like the looks of the short shots a lot more.
    HotRod and Gobberwart, I don't know where to go and have a listen to the short shots, definitely don't want any issues with the cops, was considering having baffles fitted to them.

    Really in 2 minds about it, long term plan when I save some cash is to get a hyper charger and have my bike jetted.

    Gobberwart didn't know there was such thing called welcome lounge, will post there straight away.

    Thanks again all
  10. +1 on the Cruzers. They are loud enough, anything more for me would put me off from riding.
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  11. Someone called?? :)

    I got the V&H Cruzers and they're loud enough for me. The Shorties are a little bit too louder than the Cruzers.

    There are some YouTube videos around re: sounds.
  12. Thanks a lot guys for the advice
  13. I still didn't get an answer, should I get the 18515 or 18519 for my bike? Anyone have those pipes installed on a similar bike who can tell me which number I should go for??
    Thanks a lot in advance
  14. email vance
  15. I did, they answered that they don't know
  16. I just had the V 18519 put on my 2008 classic and they fit just fine. I recommend the baffles if you're going down the short shots road. Ear plugs for longer rides are probably a good idea too. The baffles only take 2-3 decibels off the sound.
  17. Photos Tahlia !!!!!!
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  18. Before:







  19. I can't be the only one who read "short shorts dilemma" as the title :p

    Not the thread I was hoping for but that bike sounds mean now!
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  20. Thanks a lot Tahlia, your bike sounds amazing with the short shots, did you do any re-jetting??

    I ordered the short shots online today, can't wait for delivery, does the pipes come with baffles or do I need to order those too?