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Short shifting gear changes on road, do you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Just wondering who else might regularly short shift their gear changes.

    Lately, more often than not, I've been going up through the gears 1, 3, 5, 6, or 1, 2, 4, 6... maybe I'm getting lazy? I generally do it when I'm not hurrying anywhere... the bike seems to have a heap of grunt after some tweaks in recent times and there's really no need to go up through the box, one by one.

    Stand up and testify - this is the SSA (short shifters anonymous) thread :grin:
  2. I do it as it helps with my fuel consumption.
  3. I often wind out 1st or 2nd to the speed limit or whatever I decide to cruise at and then skip all the way up to 6th.
  4. I start in 2nd sometimes

    and shift from 5th to 3rd to 1st to slow down
  5. Yeah, I often wind out the first few gears the shift up a few when I'm getting to excessive speeds. I don't do it often though as I can't imagine its good for the gearbox to skip gears.
  6. my gpx has a really short 1st so i flick it into second pretty quick and wind it out,

    also i don't use 5 & 6 for acceleration (only steady speeds or slow accel) but fuel consumption stays around 3.5lt/100km
  7. how would it be bad for the gearbox??

    are you guys shifting without clutch??
  8. Isnt "short shifting" just shifting before revving the thing out? Skipping gears is just skipping gears. I think most people short shift on the road given most modern bikes will do 100+ in first...
  9. I have read that skipping gears when downshifting is bad because motorcycle gearboxes like to be loaded up and because theyre a sequential 'box they dont like you to skip gears.

    Could be a load of bollocks though.
  10. I could be wrong, but I don't know how you could skip gears going down through the box, unless you mean declutching, kicking down to the next lowest, THEN the next lowest again before releasing the clutch :)?). I would have throught that that would only be of merit in an emergency....
  11. Going by the top speed of first gear thread I just assumed most went from 1st to 6th


    Yeah I skip gears sometimes.
  12. I short shift into second then hold it until required town speed is reached then shift straight to a cruise gear (usually 4th) on the open road I'll wind up 2nd and 3rd then go to 6th if just cruising.

    Edit: on the over run I often go 6th - 4th and bypass releasing the clutch in 5th.
  13. I do that quite often when I am on it, actually. Usually coming off a straight section into the first bend....With heavy braking it is a hard (for me anyway) to change down quickly enough sequentially through all the gears, so I will regularly "double change" down 2 at a time.
    6-4 or 5-3, 4-2 if it's a second gear corner, and warrants it.

    On the road I am notoften in top gear, so there is less need. :)
  14. Yep thats my take on "short shifting" and that exactly how I ride 95% of the time. My bike redlines at 9500rpm but I've never revved it that high just because I don't feel the need.

    I shift gears mostly between 3500rpm and 6000rpm.
  15. Yeah, that's what I thought :?
  16. If you take short shifting to mean changing up well before peak rev/peak power then virtually everybody short shifts on the open road.

    In this case I was specifically considering a wholesale short shift in terms of clicking through gears that you don't engage. e.g. From 1st into 3rd/4th

    The only time the drive train really cares is if you click up to too high a gear for the speed you're carrying.

    It's an interesting discussion.

    FWIW, I rarely ever skip gears on the way down.
  17. That's not shortshifting Rob, that's just skipping gears. Shortshifting would be shifting to second before you're at the top of first, which is what most everyone does on the road.

    I skip gears all the time, 'cause I like the acceleration in first.
  18. I short-shift a lot when riding around town. The FZR1000 accelerates
    well to any speed limit in first (tops out about 140 in 1st) so I often
    go 1-2-4. Don't often use 5th around town.

    On my other bike (which
    I just sold) I also skipped gears a lot of times; it was a Kawasaki
    GTR1000 which is a torquey tourer. It had a 6-speed close-ratio
    gearbox left over from the racy GPZ900R, but being a torquey tourer
    it really ought to have had a wide-ratio 5-speed...
  19. yep, I agree, if what you're describing is revving out 1st gear and skipping to 3rd / 4th due to achieved speed.

    So shifting to 3rd in this scenario is not short shifting? :-k This is what I'm talking about.

    :twisted: me too. :twisted:
  20. Short shifting for me is shifting under the peak power/torque sweet spot. Its got nothing to do with max rpm except with race engines that make their peaks at the top of the rpm range.