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Short scooter rider

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by djay, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. My (short) sister is planning on getting her scooter licence and I want to be able to give her a good idea of what to expect. I've only ridden a motorcycle so I'm hoping some of you scooter riders can answer a few Q for me.

    What scooters do they use at the pre learner sessions at various Sydney institutions? Do they have any lowered ones available?

    Would a short scooter rider actually actually stand (get off the seat) when stopped and sort of hop back on to move or would you scoot your arse over more like you would on a motorcycle?


  2. I can't remember the type of scoot used when I did my pre learners but pretty much everyone there was vertically challenged and didn't have an issue. How short is she that would make you worry - from memory I would say the shortest person there was around 160cm.

    Like bikes there are heaps of seat heights on scoots and you can always look at get some padding removed from scoot seats if needed. Most of the scoots I have ridden have ample padding to at least remove a good couple cm's without even noticing comfortwise. And with some 50cc scoots you wouldn't be able to fit in if you were over 170cm.

    I'm sure she'll be fine
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  3. She is shorter than 160 cms. From memory I believe she is just 5"1 so that would make her about 155 cms.
  4. Still not too far off - you should be able to contact the service thats running the pre learners and see what they say or ask what scoots they will use and have a look at one prior.

    So long as she can get her licence I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a scoot (or modify one slightly) that would be able to used comfortably day to day. Also consider that it can be the width of the seat rather than the actual height that can determine whether she's able to get a foot down or not so maybe something slim like a sachs madass 50 might be ticket (although I'm really not sure what the seat height is).

    Best of luck - keep us informed.

    PS have you tried asking this on scootercommunity.com.au forum - I'm sure there would be others there able to give a good recommendation.
  5. Thanks robbie.

    Yeah, I'm sure we could find one suitable for her to buy and modify. I'm a bit more concerned about the pre learners where one is provided but will probably just call them once booked in to check what they say.

    Oh and while I'm here. I've often wondered...do scooter riders nod to one another?
  6. Nevermind about the nod Q. I googled it ;)
  7. get her on a Sachs Madass!!
  8. Hey Mav!

    I would if I could but she's pretty determined on a scooter [-(
  9. Hi Djay

    I'm 155cms tall and I had trouble finding a scooter that allowed me to stay comfortably on the seat, feet planted firmly on the ground, when coming to a stop and being stopped. It is the width of the seat as well as the height that matters e.g a wider seat means less leg on the ground! I tried out a lot of scooters and the one that was closest to the ground, as well as comfy, was the new Yamaha Vity 125, which I bought about 6 weeks ago. It feels safe and stable to ride.

    Good luck!