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Short rides North of Melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Swaine, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hi there

    I was wondering what routes people would suggest for beginner's in the area due north of melbourne (ie. above Coburg etc).

    One way seems to hit Plenty road to Whittlesea and then east or
    towards Macedon.

    Can anyone suggest a few specific roads to take up to somewhere and then back down.

  2. I'll be watchin' this thread! I've been riding the yarra ranges, gippy and the otways for years but I've got bugger-all idea which way to go for a good time north of the city.

    I'd steer clear of whittlesea for a while until the fire crisis is over... I know there's a few giggles to be had out wandong/kilmore way too, but that's fire country as well right now.
  3. +eleventy

    I used to ride the ranges all the time living out east

    but i havent done many longer trips since moving north and now im going to be going for some day rides soon i'd love to know if there is anything decent up there
  4. Here's a few suggestions but as Loz says stay clear for the moment until after the fire emergencies are over.

    The Whittlesea Strath Creek loop.
    Whittlesea to Wallan
    Epping Kilmore rd to Strath Creek
    Strath Creek to Flowerdale
    Flowerdale to Whittlesea

    North East
    Diamond Creek to Yarra Glen via the Skyline rd
    Diamond Creek to Yarra Glen via Christmas Hills
    Hurst bridge to King Lake - Warning the section from St Andrews to Kinglake is tight twisty with big drop offs and blind corners take care.
    Kinglake to Healesville via Toolangai and Chum Creek - Warning fires have definately been through this section.
    King Lake to Healesville via Myer Creek - Tight and narrow on the Myer Creek section.

    North West
    Wallan to Romsey
    Lancefield to Woodend via Mt Macedon Rd

    Lots of others but I better go do some work. :)

    PS: Sorry I didn't see that you said you were a beginner. In that case stay clear of the Hurstbridge to King Lake and King Lake to Healesville via Myer creek roads for a while. In any case those area are still closed off due to the fires I believe.
  5. As most people have said stay away from anywhere around Kinglake, Flowerdale, Marysville, Narbethong, etc. until things have been well and truly sorted. Talking months, not weeks.

    Your best bet is west of Broadford or Wallan, and around Macedon. Christmas Hills I'm not sure if it got burnt but it's 80kmh and enforced rigorously. Not the best roads for riding, but all we've got for the time being.

    (No doubt some of my favourite learner-unfriendly quiet corners will be inundated with sportsbike refugees now :roll: )
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, as mentioned looks like the Northeast areas are out for a while maybe months. Problems include falling trees even if fires have been through, having traveled through another fire section recently I saw property owners cutting down alot of burnt trees along the roadsides.

    Looks like the North West will be better. Is the
    Wallan to Monageeta road fine for beginners?

    Thanks all for the suggestions.
  7. All roads are ok, as long as you take it slowly.
  8. as mentioned some of the yarra ranges are nice, not to challenging. the eltham - yarra glen road is decent for beginners.

    was out riding today... gembrook - launching place road was closed... to cop wouldnt let me passed cause i wanted a ride :LOL:
  9. its nice up around trentham and daylesford.
  10. Parts of it are dirt.

    Try Wallen to Romsey, Romsey - Darraweit Guim - Wallen

    If you want some longer rides,

    Try Wallen - Romsey -Lancefield - Tooborac - Pyalong - Lancefield
  11. Whoops, Sorry Ddog is right the last stretch to Monagetta is dirt, same run through Darraweit Guim but continue on the bitumin and you will end up in Romsey. I have modified above.
  12. Not so much any more, sadly. linky

    I mean, seriously, is there anywhere left to ride?