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Short riders & Pillions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bugjuice88, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I’m around 5’5†and weigh in at about 60kgs. The issue of riding a bike with a seat height that is too high for me still occurs but not really to a degree that I could justify spending a fortune just to make the bike a bit lower. :?

    Seeing as I’m not legally aloud to take a pillion yet because of restrictions (not long now), my experience has been limited to doubling my dad up a back farm road on a XVS250.

    The majority of the time taking a pillion would be someone with a similar height and weight as me (boss lady :wink: ).

    Does on a taller bike the pillion weight drop the seat height making it more comfortable to ride or does the increase in weight make it worse because it makes the bike top heavy?

    Has anyone else who is reasonably short come across a major issue with taking pillions or is it a don’t worry about it, make em get their own bike thing? :p
  2. Well, the preload of the rear suspension should be increased to counter the added weight of the pillion passenger. Otherwise the bike's handling will be all weird and the headlight will be pointing up toward the moon.

    So, 'theoretically' the bike shouldn't really sit any lower with a pillion, if the preload is set right... Maybe a squidgeon lower.

    It will make the bike a bit more top-heavy, yeah... Though you get used to that after some experience with pillioninginging, I think. I carry pillions fairly regularly on the Tiger, and it's pretty much second-nature now. :)
  3. I am almost as short as you and am on tippy toes on the BM. When I have a pillion on the back I can flat foot. The extra weight compresses the suspension further and lowers the seat height.

    However there are other issues too. It wobbles more at low speed meaning you need to be a lot more careful coming to a stop. get it wrong and you end up trying to hold up the weight of the bike and the extra weight of the pillion. Ditto on take off but I just try to get through that quickly. Once past walking speed it's fine. This is probably more a characteristic of my bike than a general thing, just pointing out there may be other issues.
  4. besides adjusting preload on your suspension, remember you will also need to double check the recommended air pressure in your rear tyre.
  5. It's probably a bit bike dependant. I'm 5'7" and 56kg and my Fazer FZ6S is just comfortable height wise for me on my own, but perfect with the wife on the back. Handling wise it feels slightly more planted with the 2 of us on board but then again we only weigh a bit more than 100kgs between us. Seat height is a hard one, it's just not safe unless you can get a good grip on the road surface when you stop.
  6. I am 5'3" and have never had a prob taking pillions most of which have been taller and heavier then me.
    Just take the slow stuff more carefully
  7. I'm 5'4 and 55kg & my husband is 6'2 and about 80kg. I haven't pillioned yet as not legally allowed but the thought of it makes me nervous!

    Did I mention he is a control freak! :LOL:
  8. man all u guys are so light!!!

    im 5'10 and Heavy!! i touch the floor pretty good on an FZR250, but they seat is pretty low, so that prolly helps.
  9. alright sweet, I guess it comes down to experience and being sensible.
  10. If you have adjustable shocks, bump up the rebound an bump to firm the rear to make it less likely to wobble at low speed, also drag the rear brake whenever your going slow no matter what to avoid wobbles.

    I'm 5'2 an 64kgs an i used to pillion with my ex who was a little taller an heavier than me on my r1 an it was fine, just leave more time/gaps and think ahead an you will be fine. Be very gentle on the throttle too, otherwise expect the front wheel to be reaching for the sky...