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Short rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kaza7684, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I've been riding my honda vtr 250 for quite awhile now. I LOVE it, but i am needing more. I'm about 160cm (no more than) and was wondering about suggestions people had for bikes. I know you can lower the bikes, but i still need a bike that i will have a chance of lifting if i drop it. so a 240kg honda sp2 is out..... i love the naked bikes like the monster. any suggestions would be great. thanks

  2. Have you sat on a monster? They're pretty short. Might be ok for you.
  3. Street Triple.
  4. is there something wrong with calling them midgets? Surely "short people" would be more offensive?
  5. Shetland person is what i prefer to call them.
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  6. Haha I'm not a midget! I'm talking about myself and I prefer vertically challenged
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  7. Hey, I'm only 172cm and yes a short-ass.... nothing wrong with that. But it does limit my bike choice as I like to be able to put my heels to the ground whilst seated on the bike.

    Check out www.cycleergo.com Pretty cool website
  8. Short people eh?
    They got no reason...
  9. Have you been here and had a play on some bikes?
    http://cycle-ergo.com/[/ur Ooops sorry been done.l]
  10. No reason to live
  11. Ducati Monster, Diavel even shorter.
  12. Napoleon was only 170 cm and he rode a big horse, but then everyone was short 200 years ago. My GPX would suit you I can just about put my knees on the ground.
  13. Napoleon was a dick
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  14. Which one?
  15. 172... that's tall, I'm only 163cms...oh but I'm a girl.

    OP, Monster 696 should be ok, the 796 would need to be lowered.
    Street triple, marginally ok, better lowered, street triple R, definitely need to lower it.

    Basically many non lams bikes other than say cruisers or the Diavel will either need to be lowered via links, or at a minimum have the suspension/forks wound down. (professionals: is that what it's called?) Only if you have front and rear suspension adjustment options. (don't think the monster 696 is dual...can't remember).

    I think that's fairly accurate, but I'm not an expert on the mechanics etc... Just know from my lengthy research when I was looking for my current bike...
  16. Soon as i saw this thread this song came to mind was wondering how long it would take nice work :D
  17. Both.
  18. it's like the whole ****ing midget communtity is taking up riding this year.
    seriously getting ridiculous here, like every second thread "oooh noes i am too little. i need a bike that won't fall over and squash me help meeeeee
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  19. ^ almost as bad as the newbies with these problems, "oh noes I'm so large and manly (code for fat bastard) which bike for me that won't make me look like a gorilla humping a grasshopper"..... :D
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  20. If I was going to post something like this I would at least start it with in my opinion. That's basically all it is.

    I'm 163cm and I ride a Street Triple. I also have a KTM 450 EXC motard that is almost 10cm taller than the Street Triple.