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Short rider with pillion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ziggyboy, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I'm 5'7" and on the balls of my feet when riding. I've never taken a pillion before but I've been pressured to do so more than once recently. Before I even attempt it and risk dropping my shiny new bike, I'd like to listen to some tips first... should I even be doing this in the first place? Will having a pillion and being short severely affect my handling of the bike?

  2. 5'7 and you're short?? Bloody hellfire, I wish I could be 5'7 (a lot of women would) and I balance on the balls of my feet. I've taken pillion before though and found that they usually compress the rear so that you can actually touch the ground better. In fact, one pillion was so heavy that I was flat-footed with both feet. Had to be careful, as it made the bike want to pull monos :wink:
  3. I was recently challenged with the idea of taking a pillion on my bike for the first time. It was to help a friend get home. I had to pick him up from Warrigul rd and go along the freeway to Wellington Rd in peak hour traffic. The whole way to picking him up i was nervous as he is a big that weighs about 10 k's more than me. i was worried how the balance was going to go and in peak hour traffic on the freeway i thought to myself, what am i doing, am i mad?
    As it turned out, it was so easy, i didnt even know he was there even when stopped. I was so confident after the first minute i went back to my normal riding pattern but a bit slower of course and filtered through through traffic easily. He was a bit worried but he trusted me and all ended well.
    My advice is give it a go, you will be surprised.
  4. 5'7 and you consider yourself short? right........its a peice of piss mate, just go for it and you'll be fine
  5. 5'7" I wish!!. do a couple of short blats first to get the feel of how the bike is affected, you will most likely need to increase your braking distance and go easier on the gear changes, unless you like headbutts.
  6. I'm 5'2.. Can I do it? :LOL: :LOL:
  7. mate, 5'6 1/2 riding a bike with a seat of 825mm and i take pillions easy, if you feel they lean to much to one side then change the foot your leaning on.
  8. Make sure you give your pillion a short briefing to make sure you both understand what reactions/responses are going to be in different circumstances. Have your pillion give you signals if they need to stop so they don't try to sort them selves out when stopped at lights etc.

    If they don't do anything unexpected, you should be fine.

    (Disclaimer: I am 6' tall and have no issues with reaching the ground, so take my suggestions as you may :wink: )
  9. Hmmm.....Maybe my inseam is shorter? I ride a bike with an 825mm seat height and consider myself short for the bike. I'm not saying those shorter than myself can't, I'm just saying being at the balls of my feet on a heavy bike might not be the most ideal for pillion riding.

    ...I'm pretty sure I can probably pillion in my old 250cc with 770mm seat height and 30 kilos lighter than my current ride!
  10. Nah it will be fine. Just tell em to behave like luggage and not to wriggle when ur stopped. Remember that you dont want to brake hard... Not that you cant but you dont want too. Those are the only secrets. (Well if his knees stick out allow another couple of inches :)
  11. I'm not tall for my bike, but I can pillion ok.

    The rear shock will compress with the additional weight, so I have as much access to the ground as usual, plus a little.

    There's one thing I tell pillions - don't move around when we've moving slowly or stopped. They always get that wrong the first time, but I'm yet to fall over...
  12. Just make sure to tell the pillion not to move around on the back too much when you are going slow. Especially coming to a stop sign or a set of lights...... :roll:
  13. you'll be right - just let the pillion know what to do eg. Hold on to your jacket or grab the tank, also not to lean etc etc.

    I had 2 dinkie a friend but only reason i was reluctant to do so was because this guy weighs 148kg's... that was when he last weighed himself.
    I was riding a 1000cc V twin and boy did it feel like a 250cc. Brakes diddnt work properly - and take off was non existent. Im sure there is a weight liimit but couldnt be bothered looking for it.
  14. Exacery, i'm 5'5 and a bit in my riding boots and on the VFR800 it's easier to reach the ground with a pillion, as for riding.
  15. I'll be attempting to pillion on the Monster this weekend !! :eek:

    After pillioning all weekend on Nee's Hornet and Rosie's Virago, i'm ready to pillion on the Monster ! I finally have a reason to remove the rear seat cover.
  16. And hey who knows micky you prob be able to reach the ground then heyyyyyy lol :) just kidding Stretch
  17. I'm the pillion-king Bob !!! :cool:

    Hooning around Phillip Island . . . squiding on a Hornet !! :rofl:


    Even doing it gangsta style on a Virago !! :LOL:
    Bob, you can take a guess what long sleeve shirt i'm wearing !! hahahaha !
    bloody asian guy who thinks he is italian :eek:


    . . . damn, luckily the Monster has a lower seat height than the Hornet, the tippy toes on the Hornet is a little worrying !! hahahaha !
  18. That's one sexy looking bike, and pillion you got there.
    must have been great fun taking pillions on the gravel...

    I had a 6 foot + ktulu on back squidding round the track. :rofl:
  19. oh yeah !
    We got so many wolf-whistles around the track . . . . :eek:

    Dunno if it was the Hornet or the Ducati shirt they were whistling at !! :LOL:
  20. my bet would be neither :LOL: