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Short Rider, what to Upgrade to 600cc+?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by karl2ltgc, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hello all. Currently I'm on my L's with a 98 Suzuki Across 250.

    Now i dont plan on keeping the bike for all that long and I'm looking around for suggestions on what a suitable bike to upgrade to would be.

    Now i'm 5.2 an about 63kgs and im pretty comfortable on the across, but i sat on my mates k4 GSXR600 an my legs were about 4inches short of the ground! I knew they were a big bike but i didnt expect that much difference.

    So whats out there in the 600cc+ that wont be too far out of reach for me??

    I understand you can modify seats/springs ect but I'd prefer to find something closer so it wouldnt need to much stuffing around.

    I'm still atleast 3-6 months off an upgrade but i realy want to suss out things now so when it comes time to buy I'm fully informed an can take my time an get one thats just right :grin:

    Cheers Karl
  2. Well, I'd say just get yourself down to a dealer and just sit on a few and see what you'll fit on.
  3. kawasaki zzr600 my girlfriend is under 5 foot and with a seat sculp no problems. :wink:
  4. z900 - What year zzr600 might that be?

    I probably should add im after a sport sorta bike.

    Cruisers need not apply :)
  5. you'll unfortunately find that most sports type bikes have a higher seat and pegs. as they want the higher ground clearance. GSXR felt the highest when i sat on a few bikes. i'd definitely try the cbr600f, the yzf600 thundercat and R6's. those ones felt shorter on the seat to me. but i'm also 6'1 so height wasn't a factor when i was looking.
  6. +1 for zzr600 seat height.

    Unfortunately when the new (2005 and onwards) model came out, kawasaki stopped bringing them in! Gone the way of the thundercat it seems.

    They seem to think that there is no room for a sporty, yet detuned 600 - what fools! There are some good condition 2003 models around though.
  7. You don't have to get both your feet down. Plenty of blokes your height ride all sorts of bikes with twice the seat height of a GSXR. Slide your arse off to the side of the seat and get one foot down.

    It'd be a shame to base a purchase decision for a sport bike based on it's suitability to sitting still. :grin:
  8. definitely +1 here. so long as you can hold the bike steady at rest (with 1 or 2 feet on the ground) then it shouldn't matter.
  9. Have a google,yep they stopped makeing new ones 2004-2005 but as previously stated there are a few good second hand ones around probably best to look at 2003 onwards :wink:
  10. Sportsbikes with low seat height:

    Hmmm.... anything a bit older will have much lower seat heights than new stuff, so if mid-late 90's are your budget most 600's will be fine.

    Other sportsbikes worth considering:

    FZR1000 Yamaha or GSXR1100 - very low seat heights for capacity
    ZZR600 and ZZR1100 - more sports touring but still low seats.
    Yamaha TRX850
    Ducati 600, 750, 900 (Monster or SS)
    Ducati ST2 and ST4 for sports touring
    Suzuki SV650
    Honda VTR1000

    Thats worth a start. Note that Narrower bikes will be easier to reach ground with for the same seat height.

    Dont forget many bikes can be lowered.
  11. I am 167cms and am very comfortable on the VFR
  12. I've got an SV650 for sale. The owner was a short arse so he had it lowered.

    It's in beautiful nick. $7500 and it's yours ;)
  13. I just sat on a CRB600rr 07 model at honda..... ooo eerr!

    A little high but i could pretty easily slide my ass across an get a foot down on the ground, and that was a brand spankers bike too an the guy reckons they sit down a little after some riding... But all the clutch/brake was realy nice an close(better than my across) and it weighs in at 160dry i think, an the across is 163dry...

    Only problem is he says the older ones are all a little taller. I'm not realy in the position to spend 15 big ones on a brand new bike.

    And ther realy purty too!
  14. I am 165cm, and comfortably ride a bike with seat height of up to 820mm.

    Before upgrading, get very used to extreme low speed handling (rear brake and little throttle) to the point where you can almost balance the bike via engine / brake resistance.

    Took me a while to master. but now can theortically ride a BMW with 870mm seat :shock:

    If I do have to come to a complete stop, its almost a side dismount!! :LOL:
  15. There should be a sticky or sub forum for this. :grin:
  16. You beat me to my suggestion.

    I am 168cm and I ride the 07 Honda CBR600RR. I was faced with the same dilemma and I didn't feel comfortable on all the other options. As soon as I sat on the Honda and went out for a test ride, I knew I was getting the bike.

    In terms of getting the funds, I can pass you a phone number of a guy who takes body parts :p
  17. Woa your like some sorta giant compared to me 168=5'6 ... im 5'2 :)

    But yea i do needa work on my slow speed stuff...

    But im sure that will come with time as well.

    I think il have to have a look at a r6 now, apparently there pretty small too.
  18. R6 has a higher seat than the cbr600.

    If your after a low slung job. Go the VTR 1000 Firestorm
  19. There's one guy I ride with that comes to a casual stop with one foot down, and the back of his other knee on the seat. Vaults up while gunning it and off he goes.
  20. the lowest seat height 600 i have sat on was an 01 r6. i can plant both feet flat on the ground (I am 5"10) where as my ninja i have to tippy toe.