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Short rider 600cc sport bike suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TimTam, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Im looking at getting a 600cc sport type bike in the range of $4k-$7k, im only 5'2-5'3 weight about 57kgs.

    would like some suggestions on which bikes and the year model that has a low seat height.

    i've been searching and these comes to mind but i don't know exactly which is the shortest.

    r1 01-02

    from the list above im not really sure what year models have the lowest height.

    please give me some suggestions thanks


  2. I'm 5'2 an bout 63kgs an ride a 98 R1. Can just get both tippy toes down, not that i ever try.

    Ive ridden a 03 gsxr 600, Way to big for you an me, its a huge fat bike.
    Ive sat on a 05 GSXR100 an it felt smaller than my R1 :D
    Ive sat on a 07 gsxr600 an it felt only a teeny bigger than the 05 1000.
    07 750 was the same.

    Just sit on alot of bikes and find what fits.
    I cant even get one foot flat down without sliding my hip a little, yet ive done nearly 10,000ks on my R1 drop free :) Yet i dropped my across before that, i think dropping is more a mental thing than a physical thing.

    Look at a 98-01 R1 and see how it fits. They can be had for your price range.
    Remember seat height aint everything, often its how fat the bike is between your legs thats the big difference.
  3. 4-7k is a bit limiting.

    the 07 600rr has a lower sitting position than most 600 sports bike. and it can be lowered with a lowering kit.

    even at 7K its hard to find something decent.
    If you want to spend $8.5, I can tell you where you might beable to find a gsxr600 K7 (or K6)
  4. Yep from what I read, the gsxr600 and cbr600rr has the lowest seat height... But as mentioned, you can always get lowering links till you get use to the bike and then remove it...
  5. Seat Height aint the biggest factor. Its the physical size of the bike that matters. Either spend a little extra an get a 04+gixxer or look at a early R1, i paid 6k for mine and can get others at similair price.

    You needa test ride bikes to be sure though, see how they fit you.
  6. :popcorn:

    No laughin ... I'm interested in this topic too :p
  7. lol sucks to be short... I'm 5'4...

    Yes I agree, you're best to sit on them and see how it feels...
  8. thanks guys for your imput.

    i would rather only want to spend 6k or less really, so i wouldnt mind getting an older model for which ever bike suits.

    Im leaning more towards the cbr600f as it seems to fit my budget what do people think of cbr600F are they suitable as i see many girls ride them.

    karl2ltgc: do you know if the R6 98'-01' would be the same size/height or less than your R1 98'?

  9. I've never sat on one so I really cant tell how the sitting position of a cbr600f is going to be. But if you get proper boots, you can add 1 inch to your height.

    Wat do you ride at the moment? Are you confident tip toeing on traffic or do you have to flat foot. These are important factors to consider unless you have no traffic where you live.

    6k is a reasonable price for a 98-99 cbr600f. you should have no problem.
  10. Got no idea about the R6.

    It all just comes down to how comfortable you are going to be with just one foot on the ground.

    Just make sure you can use the side stand when your on the bike.

    When i rode my mates 03gsxr 600 i couldnt actually reach my foot far enough to put the stand down, i had to jump off the bike then drop the stand down, not something you could live with day to day.

    But everyones different so just see what suits you.
  11. ZZR600 has a 780mm seat height...and more performance than most of us can use on the road. Be in your price range too. But I just know you have to have a sports bike. :roll:
  12. Kazzs zzr600 has a seat height of about 730mm with the shaved seat and lowered,it might be on the market later this year.She is 5 foot nothing :wink:
  13. SV650S also has a very low seat height, that said it has limited power, so being fast isn't easy, vs. a SS bike where going fast takes little skill in comparison :LOL:
  14. I have a 07 cbr600rr with a lowering link... Works great for me. (I'm 158cm )

    I also tried the ninja 600- which was great, but I really wanted to buy new.
    The Kwaka er6f, I could pretty much flat foot, but the looks didn't excite me.
    07 R6 was never going to happen.
    Daytona 675 - way too tall and top heavy.
    GSXR600 - too top heavy.

    A Yamaha rep at last years motorbike show mentioned that the older R6's can be quite easily made shorter.

    Pity that the F4i can't be bought new.....
  15. Thats a good suggestion, there pretty cheap too. And the er6n or er6f they look pretty sweet.

    Depends what sort of riding your going to do. More time in the city makes the smaller less sport bike much more fun :grin:

    After you get stuck in a traffic jam in roadworks on a R1 for 20 minutes, only just squeezing through gaps here and there and having to slowride forever , frying your hands and forearms, sweating up like crazy, your not going to want the R1 so much.
  16. atm i got no ride, i use to ride a 99' cbr2500rr however and that suited me reasonably okay.

    yes, i do want a ss sports bike but the thought of a 1 litre bike sorta scares me.

    Rabbit: what year model 600cc ninja did you try on?

  17. Well then you should be fine. :wink:

    I looove the R1, simply because when that cager jerk decides to pull into your lane down the free way you dont have to go hunting for a gear to get outa trouble, just a flick of the wrist and your away.

    It will take a long time before you can ride it worth a damn though.

    I could ride the wheels off my old across, but its taken me 7+ months to get even near 5/10ths of the R1. But 2/10ths of the r1 is still faster than the across :D

    Edit- 98 R1 Seat height is 815mm
  18. for 6-7k you could get an early r6 (99-00). they have a low seat height. about the same as the k7 600 and 07 600rr. you could then lower it and maybe look at cutting some foam from the seat to make you feel more comfortable/confident.
  19. You can get Lowering links, aka "dogbones", for $20 on ebay. They're made of cast aluminum and reduce (or increase, for racers) ride height from anything like 1" to 3".