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SHORT NOTICE. Vic - Yarra Ranges - Sunday 21st Sept

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. going for a blat after work tomorro (morning shift). not much of an idea yet where, probably up towards healesville: chum/myers creek rds, the spurs.
    maybe out to mt donna buang instead, or even towards noojee/mt baw baw.

    i'll make up my mind when i get on the bike!

    anyone wishing to join please be outside Coles Boronia at midday. i finish midday, and wont be waiting, will be gone by 12:10pm hopefully. feel free to suggest a route too :)

    0439 654 338, give me a yell if your coming if you can, doubt i will have time to check this before i depart.
  2. Was up Noojee meself.. ended up a great day weatherwise. Hope ya had a good ride where ever it may be you ended up.
  3. yup, just met up with a mate up at the spur n had a play n a feed :grin:

    how's the roads out that wat atm, dirty at all?

    sorry to mods, chucked this in the wrong section to begin with :oops:
  4. All the roads were good.. Few unexpected bumps here and there. Considering how crappy the weather was saturday then how it turned out sunday i was more than happy lol.. plus the mixed grill wasnt bad either :)