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Short Notice Ride - Sunday 4 Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Weather looks good tomorrow (Sunday 4/10) so LizzyM and I plan to go out for a gentle ride. Will probably head out into the hills around Warandyte/Eltham/St Andrews then prolly over Healesville way to take in either Toolangi loop and/or Black Spur. Who knows I'll make it up as I go along.

    Anyone wants to join us is welcome. L platers and new riders welcome although there are a few twisties so you should at least be able to corner while staying on your side of the road.

    If so leave a post here and we'll meet at Shell Westgate inbound at 10.30 am for 11 am start.

    Only planning to go for a few hours so hopefully will be back by mid afternoon at latest.
  2. Yours sounds more organised than mine so I'll see you there.

    Good time too. Plenty time for a sleep in.

    I'm an orange Hornet.

  3. Sorry Tim somehow I missed your thread. Not sure that organised is the right word but done. Will see you there.
  4. wouldnt mind meeting you lot for a ride, i'm quite north-east melbourne so bit silly for me to come down to westgate, though last time i tried to meet people for a ride didnt work too well since theres always a million bikes in healesville lol

    edit: just noticed you're in preston, pretty much near me!
  5. seph:
    Like I said I was making up the route as I went.

    However if you're in Bundoora I guess we can go out via the Ring Road and get off at Plenty Road exit. What about a meet at the exit.

    Guess it will take about 30 mins to get there so say 11.30 am.
  6. argh damn daylight savings, slept in lol hope you weren't waiting for me!
  7. Thanks for the ride guys. Shame about the rain, but any ride is a good ride.

  8. Think my weather organiser might need servicing.

    I suspect we got Saturday's forecast weather coming through late. I think the good weather had settled in just as I arrived home.