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Short notice ride, sunday 15th june

Discussion in 'VIC' started by josh1988, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Scottie and i came up with the idea of a ride up thru the dandys tomoro.
    Just a nice paced ride basically just scrubbing in tyres and practicing cornering techniques. :grin:
    Were meeting at the Maccas car park, Corner of Springvale and Wellington Rds at 10 am, and hoping to leave at 10:30 am
    Anybodies welcome, just ride at your own pace :)


  2. Cool I'll try and make it
  3. Sounds like great Sunday arvo...

    Although I am only a newbee is it going to be alright for me to tag along??

  4. I'm not up for a fast one, I'll stay with you
  5. Mate, your more then welcome, just haveto remember, ride in YOUR comfort one, not the person infront or behind you. Just at your own pace
  6. Looks like i will see you there then :) :wink:
  7. If it wasn't such short notice ... I have to install some heated hand-grips on Holsters bike ... dammit.
  8. Forget the heated hand grips... just get off your but and get down there... :p

    Who cares if your hands freeze your out on the bike.....
    Whats better than that!!
  9. just thought of that. I may come on the ride ... then go put the handgrips on ... changed my mind after doing some reasearch and finding that it is seriously a 5 minute job ... lol
  10. Still going ahead guys!
    See you soon
  11. I could have told you it's not a big job, I just need help finding a unregulated circuit.