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Short Notice - Ride on Cup Day - anyone??

Discussion in 'VIC' started by uncosnail, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Short Notice - Ride on Cup Day - Rowville 9.00am meet up

    Anyone interested in going for a ride on Melbourne Cup day, starting in the morning??

    Meet up at Mobil Servo, Wellington Road, and Stud Road, Rowville, all will be decided there depending where people want to go, I don';t care where I go I just want to go. Haven't ridden in 12 days.
  2. yup I am...but you already knew that.
  3. Yeah, I'll have a look at what you propose.
  4. yep, which part of town, Daylesford way??
  5. Have to be back in St Kilda by 7pm :)
  6. Hi Guys, am back to riding after 18yrs, need to develop my ride skills and confidence. Would the cup day morning ride itinary be suitable for a beginner like me? Cheers
  7. yep. where to? out your side somewhere?
  8. Hmmmm....maybe...will post if I can come (did have something planned).


  9. Geezus, Luke!:-s You wanna be back for 7pm.....so you can go on the 7.30pm ride, don't ya?!?
    Say it with me: Hi, My name is Luke, and I'm Addicted!!:p
  10. "Hi, my name is Luke, and I'm Addicted. It's been 1 day since my last group ride."
  11. Have you plan the route yet? What time n where meet point.
  12. I would be up for it, as long as its not an experienced ride, but if it is intermediate I would be in
  13. intermediate is good for me:p
  14. So is this happening or what?

    Sorry to be annoying but Start time, class and location please?, i havent been on a group ride for a while but i love them,

    I was thinking about suggesting a ride myself and putting up a post called "Who gives a $#!t about horses ride" but this will do. Anyone know if its double demerit tomorrow?

    After 1.5 weeks of solid work im keen to get some road time..
  15. Ok sorry folks, but have just got back from Sydney 1 hour again. Going through major biking withdrawals, it has been about 12 days since I last rode, ohh and was thinking of doing Tuesday night ride as well. :)) Yes I am addicted.

    I didn't see the calender ride. But I suggest we just all meet up at Mobil Servo, Wellington Road and Stud Road, at 9.00am Rowville and decided where we want to go from there.