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SHORT NOTICE RIDE - NOW!! south gippsland

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. lol short notice.
    leaving in 10min. im in Upwey, in the dandenong ranges. heading out thru Monbulk, yellingbo, up to warby hwy then out to noojee, icey creek, n down to tanjil south. up to walhalla, then down to morwell and on to leongatha, korumburra, then up through warragul and back up through neerim south then left to back along to yarra junction.

    pheww :shock:

    should be good!

    then work at 4pm :roll:

    call me, no answer then text, 0439 654 338.
    if u wont be too long im happy to wait.

    Nibs :)
  2. Hey that notice was really short, Nibs.

    Maybe you should get a taller one.
  3. shhh :p

    ur lucky i even offered the privelige of my company :grin:
  4. if i didnt end up being so late and leaving at 10:30 haha, i mighta made it down to south gippy.

    ended up doing it all to Walhalla, then down and onto the freeway/highway back to work :(

    some awesome roads out that way though, i'll be back there for sure :)