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Short Notice ride Fri18/9/09 Meet bp St Kilda

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ZX9A6, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone.
    Look if you have nothing to do tomorrow Friday 18/9/09.

    Come to the BP in St Kilda and have a coffee and we will make a decision on the ride lol 10.00 am Depart, 9.30 meet.

    Cheers Bruce
  2. Crap, the only Friday that I have to actually be on site and this gets posted :mad:

    Have fun guys!
  3. Popular as a fart in an elevator :LOL:

    Should of planned something :roll:

    Cheers Bru
  4. Aaargh! It's 1130 and I just saw this.
  5. Ducks !! :roll:
  6. Great ride today all out east, excellent weather for it to.

    I dont know why i'm thinking of this now............but I should of taken a empty pillow case with me lol.............Duck!!! ......too late.

    Cheers Bruce