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SHORT NOTICE,May10, Wildwood scratch & suspension set-up

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, May 5, 2009.

  1. Ok Guy's, I got this idea, we meet in the gully along Wildwood Road at 12 midday Sunday for Lunch and suspension set-up time, I'll bring some music & tools, others bring drinks & chips type stuff, we'll have a picnic and blast up & down the road to set-up suspension (coz the road is rough & winding) and enjoy life together. What say yous?

    Even if your suspension isn't adjustable, come along for the good company, plus you might learn something for when you do have adjustable suspension :)

    Not sure if there's any where to park cars, I'll scope it out during the week and let you know.

    I'll shove my ghetto-blaster in my backpack so bring your CD's if you want your music played.

  2. Sounds great, and would love some advice/pointers and have a fiddle with mine, but Sundays are no good.
  3. There isn't a huge amount of parking space, but then again you won't be doing the suspension on your car...
  4. I'm meant to be sending the shock off to Krooztune this week, all going well, I hope to have it back and the bike back together by the weekend.
  5. Cool Caz, what are you getting them to do?
  6. I'm getting it lowered, the boys (my boys :wink: :LOL: ) will lower the forks about 20mm and the krooztune guys are taking care of the shock.
    It's reversible too, so if I decide to sell or grow an inch, it's all good.
    Didn't get to put the bike up on the bench today, maybe tomorrow. :cool:
  7. Just up the road, I'll be there.
  8. That's this Sunday :?: May 10th :?:

    Mum's day :eek:
  9. I love my Mum but she doesn't get me all day :)
  10. You should bring her along ..

    she might enjoy the laid back environment :wink:
  11. Ha! My Mum's had enough of watching her boys tear around race tracks, she'll prefer to talk 'girl stuff' with my sisters, lol
  12. 'girl stuff ' :blah: :roll: :-w
  13. Would have loved to do this, if it wasn't on mothers day..
    I have had my bike for a year and have always wondered if the suspention was set right for me.. Not keen enough to change my self as it seems to complicated :(
  14. Looks like the weather's going to be a bit sus on Sunday, plus too many scared of offending their Mum's :wink: I'll plan another suspension set-up day for another time for those that can't make it.
  15. OK, I'll ride Wildwood and Diggers rest alone then.....
  16. I have to work on Sunday, so I'll be late
  17. hopefully make it along Mr. O. depends when i get up :LOL:
  18. I am up for this but have no idea where the location is! Also have a Sachs which I believe you have had in the past J'O?

  19. It looks like a few of us should get there between 12 and 12.30, I'd imagine that we'd be there for an hour or two.

    I haven't found a specific area to park but we'll find a stretch that is safe & legal to park, near a rough section of road that would be good for feeling changes in suspension adjustments.

    I don't think the music/food side of things will work, maybe after we've finished playing we can ride to a warm cafe or something (Airport Macca's?).

    Should the weather change (forecast is for light drizzle in the morning) and showers appear in the arvo, don't bother riding out ;-)

    Be careful riding along Wildwood road, you can expect other bikes to be riding along it with their riders thinking about their suspension and maybe not so much about the other traffic?