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Short Notice - Icicle Ride Re-run Sun 20 Sep

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Tried to get this into the Ride/Events Calender but as it still hasn't made it, so with less than three days to go, I'm posting this as a short notice Ride.

    The ride will be run by BMWMCCVic who are happy to have Netriders join in. It is a led and corner marked ride of about 340 km on sealed roads. It's a class 3 ride but Learners/Newbs who can ride at the posted speed limits shouldn't have any trouble.

    Meet point is BP Servo Little River, 1.8km before the Avalon Airport exit on the Princes Freeway Geelong bound (Melway ref 424 H2), at 09:00 am for a 09:30am sharp departure. Finish is Melton.

    More details of the route here.

  2. LizzyM and I are planning to go.

    If anyone is interested in joining us, we could probably organise a meet at Shell Westgate.

    Otherwise we'll be going straight there.
  3. I'm interested, need to put some kays on the bike......
  4. I'll be there, was too much of a wuss to do the real one....
  5. See you there, since I was overseas for the first run.
  6. Def maybe. Westgate BP meet would be good, or somewhere before then. BP Elwood?
  7. tlad:
    Not sure who else lives over that way who might be interested in meeting at Elwood, but I will already be travelling backwards to get to Westgate. So that means already getting up earlier than I really need to.


    Change of meet point

    See further down the thread
  8. Sorry guys. Something has come up tomorrow arvo I need to be home for.

    Might head out for a morning ride instead. Have fun.

  9. No worries tlad. Catch you another day.

    Please note change of Netrider meetpoint

    Since all the definites are already out west, there is no point in backtracking to meet at Westgate.

    New meet point is Shell servo on Westgate Freeway at Point Cook exit. Will still do 8:00 for 8:30 am sharp departure.
  10. Hmmm, that was fun, thanks to the BMWMCC for the re-run.
  11. Was a nice day for it too, would have liked to have gone
    (the only thing that could trump that was star wars exhibiton :]