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Short notice: GOR ride Sunday 31st May.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Slow Coach, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hello guys,

    I need to go for a play on sunday. I will be leaving the Westgate servo outbound at 10am.

    Route will be-

    Melbourne-Geelong-Warne Ponds-Deans Marsh-Lorne-Apollo Bay-Lavers Hill-Colac-Forrest-Skenes Creek-Lorne-Deans Marsh-etc.

    See who ever wants to join me.
  2. Woohoo, was planning to go down that way. Would love to join you.
  3. part two of geelong ring road is open now so you can avoid the hideous run of lights between corio and geelong west. the last exit from the ring road dumps you in fyansford (hamilton hwy/deviation rd). worth using but as yet not appearing on google maps.
    enjoy the ride, hopefully i'll be doing a similar one in a few weeks :grin:
  4. Aaaaarrrrrrgh moving house sucks!!!!

    Would love to come mate, but see above :evil:
  5. w000000000000t i'll be there for my last ever group ride in Aus i'm guessing... never done GOR believe it or not... might even get a new round back tire for the event too!
  6. me! see you there
  7. Very VERY Tempting mate....

    Let me dwell on it and maybe ask the 'Minister'

  8. Oh, i might try and tag along on this, been ages since i have been on a group ride.... will see if i wake up in time :LOL:
  9. Shelley and I think we might shoot up through Cobden and meet you in Dean's Marsh or otherwise take the GOR and meet you in Apollo Bay like last time, depending on what time we get moving. I'll send you a message before we depart to let you know. :)
  10. Is this a fast trip Cam or is it 250 friendly?
  11. I'm in Cam. Wait for me.

    See you at 10am
  12. I think at this late stage that I will tag along but must be back home early to get the wife to the Air Port.
    She's leaving to go to England for a month :shock: :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  13. Cam,
    I be there. There are at leat another 5 of mates coming. Look forward to the ride. My only concern is petrol. I only get 180km out of a tank.
  14. :grin: i'll be there too :grin:
  15. I see if I make there in time
    If so I'm in
  16. Will not be too fast. I like my licence.

    Like your work Brian.

    Kingali 180km is fine.
  17. I'll be there too if I can get out of bed.
  18. sorry cant make it
    Been put on inlaw duties :roll:
  19. Think I might have told a little white lie.

    Cheers guys. Awesome day.
  20. Great ride today fella's. Weather was great and always good roads down south.
    Thanks to all that attended.