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[short notice]Easy ride to Yea Sunday June 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Topkat, May 30, 2008.

  1. Learners, Easy ride to Yea

    When; June 1st

    What time; 10am leave at 10.30am

    Where; Mc Donalds in Mill Park ;
    Address: Cnr Plenty Rd & University Dr (East end of Centenary Drv)

    Destination; Yea!
    ***Route currently being planned and will be posted ASAP, This is my first attempt at organising a ride and GreyBM is helping me "Be Patient"

    We will need a leader and a TEC I think it's right (The important last orange vested rider to keep us together)

    I would also appreciate any help being my first ride then if i can do anyone can! :roll:

  2. hey Topkat, don't stress yaself too much about organising rides, it's easy peasy.
    So far so good :)
    All you need is a start point and time, an idea of route, can be pretty flexible in that department, change it as many times you like during the day if thats what everyone decides, and an end point.
    Corner marking is really only required on rides of +6 riders.
    When I go for rides with my mates, who ever gets to the corner first just stops, the rest will normally stop until the others catchup and regroup, this is often when a change in route is made, and we all head off again together. If the group is large with varied size bikes that make it string out a bit, and you have riders that don't want to wait at each corner, thats when a corner marking system is best used.

    Just relax and enjoy your day.

    I'll see how things go for me Saturday night, if I'm in a healthy state come Sunday, I might even join you :)
  3. I shouldl be in for this Topkat, will let you know by Sunday
  4. June 1st is the official start of Winter, an important pagan date for any motorcyclist. ;) I'd like to get to this ride, I'll know late Saturday.

    Don't know what route you have planned, here is a possible easy one, lots of good rides up that way.
  5. i'LL DEFINITLEY BE THERE! see you guys on sunday!
  6. I'd love to come and meet some of you guys, I've never been able to make it to a group ride before. I'll have to see how I feel on Sunday though, I'm on the verge of catching a cold. If I can fight it off I'll be there.
  7. Ride faster, keep ahead of the cold.
  8. Does this mean I have to attach goat horns to the helmet??

    I should be able to make this one, will know later today how tonight's festivities will affect me tomorrow morning... :p
  9. the route cjvfr has planned looks like there are a lot of twisties... whatever the official route is on the day, if there are twisites like this then i should be there... will let you know tonght...

    ps... if anyone from the south western suburbs are going up then let me know because i am hopeless at finding meet points...
  10. Hey TopKat,

    Mill park is abit out of my way as a meeting point, would it be possible to catch up with the group somewhere along the way ? Maybe yarra glen or healesville is you are going that way ...
  11. anyone from the eastern suburbs heading to mill park and wanna meet up before hand to ride there, shoot me over a PM. :)
  12. Just get on the Ring rd, keep going til you reach the Plenty rd exit, turn left onto Plenty rd and the maccas is on your right about 3-4 ks up the rd.
  13. Hope to be able to make this ride.... I am new to netrider and would like to meet new people...
  14. Good to see a few coming, I am just working out the detail;

    Mill Park, to Whittlesea then onto Yea if anyone has an idea of changing the way feel free to ask so long as you have a good idea regarding the route:wink: cos i have no idea :LOL: I just ride till i find my way home!

    SHould have a route posted in about an hour n a bit! :oops: :wink:
  15. Make sure to fill up before we leave Mill Park :) There is a service station next to our meeting place just incase - it can be cool still so be prepared - Lizzy I know that means nothing to you (It wont be as cool as daylesford).

    There is fuel in Whittlesea & Yea no need to wory but fill to be sure n get it cheaper than it may be in yea

    Make sure you bike is checked & okay for the ride and that you can arange to be picked up incaes you need to be, phone reception can drop out over the run, keep this in mind

    *These are things going though my mind :roll: just we dont seem to have any Netrider pro leaders on board so we will take it easy and maybe all have a go at leading and all share the ride :)

    Is everyone happy to do this?
  16. Hey Topcat,

    You know I'm there already. GreyBM and I are a definate YES!! :grin:

    I scoff at cool weather- ha ha! :LOL: (Can't be cooler than Daylesford, can it? :? )
  17. Hey Topkat,

    You know I'm there already. LizzyM and I are a definate YES!!

    Hmmmm? Why did saying that that give me a sense of deja vu???

    Happy to help out in anyway I can. Happy to lead; happy to follow; happy to change routes and happy to TEC (Not all at once of course). In fact I am just happy. Obviously the little pills are working just fine. Which is good. It makes me happy.
  18. The route at the moment.

    Grey BM is in so details will be worked out in the morning once we work out who is there and how all can ride :)

    So see who ever is coming at 10 am :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Bugger and i had you pinned for both jobs to :roll:

    Thanks GreyBM :wink:

    Now back to work for the night :roll:
  20. I've spoken with Topkat who had a wee problem posting the route. So here is what I suggested to him. It takes in the better bit of what we did last weekend on the Yarra Glen Ride - that is the twisties out of Healesville. Nicer than just going straight out through Whittlesea, IMHO.

    I know you can get from Yea to Strath Creek and I assume the road we take is the King Parrot Creek Road, so that is what I have shown on the route. I know I have done it but I don't remember the details cos I was just following the guy in front. There may be a better way and if so we'll take it.

    So here is what I have come up with.

    All up about 200 km and about 3.5 hours according to Google Maps.

    Subject to change on the day of course.