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[Short Notice] Easy Ride Monday June 9

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Lizzy M and I are going for another ride tomorrow. If anyone wants to join in they are welcome.

    Will probably go through Warburton to McMahon's Creek then back to Launching Place and on to Belgrave via Gembrook and Emerald.


    If the weather is really cold and wet Warburton may not be such a good idea so here is my possible alternative route, ending at Eltham.

    Alternative route

    Planning to meet at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start at the Subway (I'm sick of Macca's) in Beetham Parade near the corner of Lower Plenty Road Rosanna.

    Lizzy and I will be leaving Altona North around 9ish so anyone from the West interested in going may like to join us in the ride to the start. If so let me know.
  2. OK Dave & Lizzy. I am probably in! Will double-check with the missus in the morning, as I am not sure what the kids are doing tomorrow.
  3. I’m in I will see you there.
    GreyBM PM sent.
    guye777 it will be good to catch up with you and get out on another ride. :cool:
  4. I will keep an eye out for you guys around Mt Dandy Seville way
  5. Might see you on the road, I am heading out with a couple of mates and probably will be in the same area.
  6. Hi GreyBM,

    I'd like to tag along if that's ok.

    It's been a while since I've been out and about. May have to bail early but seems like a good start to the day.

    See you then.

  7. just checked the forums this morning... and i missed yet another ride :(
  8. 12.20 pm

    bugger i have been head down tail up in paper work with that fun tax time just around the corner :roll:

    Spewing i would have dropped this to ride but i missed it- I hope you all had a great ride :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. Hey GreyBM

    Was that you leading a group of 5 riders b/w Woori Yallork and Healesville? If so, I was in the group of 3 that followed until Healesville - we headed to the Beechworth Bakery for a stop :)

    It got very slippery this morning :(

  10. We were 5 - yes. Grey was leading (mostly) - yes. We went through Woori Yallock - yes.

    However we didn't head up to Healesville, but rather out towards Launching Place and then down to Gembrook.

    Got a bit damp on our ar$e after Gembrook, but the Launching Place - Gembrook road through Hoddles Creek was "foolie sik"!

    Stopped for lunch a pub in Belgrave (friend of blackfab's) - very nice, and biker friendly. I bailed then and went home; presumably the others went on a bit. Over to you guys...
  11. Don't think it was us OZChris. We came up from Lilydale, turned onto the Warburton Hwy and then turned off just before Launching Place (and also just before the road I really wanted) and headed down to Gembrook.

    After lunch we headed straight for home via the shortest route. That would be via Yarraglen.

    Not a bad day. Although I had a drop doing a U-turn on a steep gravel driveway. The bike hit a rut while I was barely moving and the wheel flicked and the bike dropped onto the downhill side. The ground was too far for me to get my foot down to hold it. So I snapped off a mirror....Again!!! Thank God for Areldite.

    It's not like I am clumsy. And totally unrelated to the world record I set for most number of times you can accidently knock over a chair in the pub.

    There was, alas, a second, more serious drop.

    My hamburger, in the kitchen. And according to the waitress it was beyond Areldite.

    But no real harm done so all in all not a bad day and some good wet weather practice.

    And good to meet another face, ac. Hope you had fun.
  12. True that, one of the most important things that areldite cant hold :mad: :LOL: :LOL:

    hopefully if you organise a ride before my gippsland one i will be able to come along... :p :grin:
  13. Oh well, the group looked like it was lead by a silver/gray BMW tourer. Anyways, must try to join one of these rides in the near future. :)

    We ended up coming back via Yarra Glen and double backed through Mt Evelyn before heading to Ferntree Gully - got a little wet, and the roads were very slippery.
  14. :rofl:
    Bummer about the U-ey, Although it sounds like a bit of a hairy spot to try it! :shock:
  15. Thanks GreyBM and Lizzie for posting the ride.

    I haven't been on the bike much recently - a few repairs (to me) from an off last year - so it was good to head out again.

    It's been a while since I've been in the hills and I didn't realise it was such a short trip back taking the direct route. Seemed like I was home before I expected. Amused myself with a few home maintenance tasks. Should have turned up the hill from the pub and taken the long way home!

    Good to meet you, Guye777 and Blackfab. See you all on another ride.

  16. Thanks Greybm for organising the day's ride., I enjoyed it immensely :applause: Also thanks to Blackfab for introducing a very nice place to stop for lunch and a great ride back. :applause:

    Was great to catch up with Guy and meet another new like-minded person, AC. Would be good to ride with you guys again. Great afternoon riding, even with the rain. (Good practice for me!)

    Shame you guys couldn't make it. Next time Topcat and Rider Chris, next time...
  17. Good idea Lizzy :wink:

    So who wants a go mid week at putting a ride together ideas; Heathcote pub, maybe the RSL in Perth via Darwin:LOL:

    Regards Topkat :wink:

    ps, so i have time to plan getting out of work :LOL:
  18. Looks like i missed another great ride..

    Dam having to have wisdom teeth removed... :(

    Hope to join you on the next adventure.. :grin: