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Short Notice: Anyone fancy an evening ride tonight? (Wed 15)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by PhilC, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Sydney north. Would love to get out tonight, even if it's just for a ride into the city or up to Palm beach for a spot of dinner or something. Looking out the window from work is torture :( ..... Need.... Must....Ride!

  2. Understand what you mean ;) No bike yet so that rules me out but if you are up for dinner try White Rock Cafe at Collaroy, good food there.

    Enjoy the ride :)
  3. You do know the motogp is on telly tonight? :grin:
  4. Poor excuse. That's why God gave us rear seats.
  5. It's a repeat. Want to know who wins?
  6. shut up shut up shut up! Some of us don't have pay tv! :LOL:
  7. My mum told me not to ride with strangers lol
  8. But, but .. Phil is not like Grange :LOL:

    Phil, I'm sorry I only just saw this. Hope you got out. Cheers.
  9. HAHAHAHA ok now THAT my friend is hilarious

    But dont pick on Grange too much ok ;)

    Phil get out to practice, still dont have a bike but I feel like asking lots of questions so I will either endear myself to everyone or end up a pain in the butt lol

    Ditto what Yoda said, hope you got out because its a gorgeous night for a ride.
  10. people like that still exist?? :shock:
  11. Yep... they also still have dial up ;)
  12. Heh. I ended up going to yoga instead. I'll wait for the weekend or maybe plan something for next week as the weather forecast develops...
  13. Yoga rocks :)

    Get out on the weekend, you know you want to lol
  14. Assuming there's enough sun for my solar panels, I always get out on the weekend.
  15. LOL... aaahh good old dial up...