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Short levers Vs. Normal levers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tonee, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm looking to get a set of gold levers for appearance, nothing for performance yet.
    something like this:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Clutch-Brake...ccessories&hash=item41509a8602#ht_8218wt_1145

    Besides length differences between short and normal sizes, what are the advantages/disadvantages of a short lever using 2 fingers?
  2. short levers > no advantages whatsoever, futhermore they suck ass.
  3. I have shorties on my blade and I find them a lot better, I can keep fingers on the levers and some on the grips and they are in my opinion easier to grab in an emergency if you are not covering your brake.
  4. They look spiffy...
    more adjustable(long or short pazzo types).

    You would think that shorter equals more effort to use... not sure..

    but if the adjustability means they are better placed for you , its all good.
  5. Massive weight saving
  6. Isn't the idea that you don't need new levers after a drop?
  7. at least 5kg I reckon ( per lever )
  8. Partly yes. They are less likely to take the impact compared to full length. Though higher end levers have a hinge anyway to prevent the snapping of a lever.
  9. they don't take anymore effort than long leavers as most of the pressure is appliead with the first 3 fingers anyway and they can all fit on the lever
  10. personal opinion i think.

    on a modern sportsbike, you only need 1 finger on the front brake lever to stop in a dramatic fashion, and even with cable operated clutches, 2 fingers is more than enough. so why have levers any longer than required?

    i've run short & long levers and prefer the short ones. having 2 fingers permanently on the bars means there's always a good hold, especially out wide on the bars where the most leverage can be applied to the steering.

    end of the day, do what works for you.
  11. I tried to use 2 fingers with the clutch, it was ok.....easier and more comfortable with 4 fingers though. Would shortys be something to get used to?
  12. Just for appearance sake? Gett some pazzos or something, get em in black. They look alright, I reckon the gold uns are tacky as though.
  13. I have Pazzo's and love 'em...

    --Adjustable (I needed it for my bike).
    --2-finger job, I find it a lot easier now using only two fingers, as mentioned, other two are on the bars.
    --IMHO easier to cover in traffic for long period when splitting
    --Bike still rideable after a drop as mentioned. How many bikes I've seen towed home because of a snapped lever at the base. On a long trip (2+ days), it could mean the difference in your whole trip, going home on an expensive tow truck or continuing the trip (same thoery applies to oggy knobs, might not protect all the fairings, but might keep your bike rideable).
    --Stock levers generally look fukn shit.

    yeah, I like.
  14. Can you fit 3 fingers on the shorty?
  15. I don't see why not. I'm good at using 3 fingers with small areas.

  16. my $50 ebay levers also have a hinge to fold back during a drop. \\:D/

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  18. Is it a joke when it's based on fact?
  19. Sorta... Sometimes when my brain is fried from fatigue or after I've been riding someone else's (with full length levers) I accidentally grab the entire lever with all fingers and only 3 fit on.

    Day to day I use only two comfortably.

    Edit: Mate of mine on a Street Triple R has the exact levers as mine, I beleive he was using all fingers when we first got them (ordered together), not sure what he's doing now.
  20. I'm a two finger braker, 3 finger clutch on my shorties. The third finger sits right on the end of the lever.

    I just like the feel better - more precise, though that's probably purely psycho-somatic. No difference in effort required - you're still pulling the same cable. The only differenve you could notice would be between using the very inside of shorties compared to the very outside of longs, where you would get slightly more leverage.

    They look pretty too.