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Short legs getting onto tall bikes?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by petery, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. High

    This is a terrible newbie question I know, but after riding a couple of road dedicated bikes I've bought my first dual sport - a DR650. I've had it lowered 40mm (an adjustment that was a major consideration in choosing this bike) and still I find it a stretch getting on and off this beastie. I find I have to slide my knee across the seat to get my leg over (i.e. kick my leg up so my knee is on the seat, then slide it to the other side - can't make it in one movement without touching the seat).

    Anyone got any tips on mounting and dismounting dirt bikes?

    I wondered about climbing on like a horse - step onto the footpeg then swing the leg over. That would be easy enough but I wonder if (a) I'll look like to total goose (yes), and (b) the bike will fall over?

    Am I the only one with freakishly short legs?

  2. I am also built too close to the ground, but I raide a TTR250 as well as my Hornet.

    Too mount the TTR (which is one of the tallest trail bikes around) I do use the method like a cowboy mounting a horse and everyone has a laugh, but I reckon I look cool :LOL: :LOL:

    After setting my weight on it and compressing the rear spring, just lean her over and kick up the stand.

    The second part is important 'cause it is how you set up your parking arrangement is what will determine if the bike will fall. It will depend on how "stable" your sidestand is, but mostly on dirtbikes they are "wide". Just make sure the stand is always on the up side of a sideslope (and try to avoid sideslopes anyway)

    Never had a problem yet.
  3. My husband does the knee onto the seat when he's got the gear sack on his bird, but once on it he's fine.

    Saw an interesting one out on a ride - Husband/partner held the bike while the wife mounted it, helped the kid onto the back, and held the bike up till she got moving - too bad if she had to stop - her feet only just made it down to the pegs, no extra length for reaching the ground :shock: