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Short, fun, Sydney rides?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by gsxrjames, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hey hey,

    I've been in NSW for almost 5weeks now but haven't had a change to go for a decent ride. I may have 2-3hrs tomorrow for an early morning ride so I'm wondering, is there anything fun within 2hrs (return) of Rockdale?

    I'll eventually get to one of the putty runs, hopefully...

  2. head south to the national park watch for cops though
  3. ^^WHS^^

    Rough route here



    PS You'll even have time to stop for a latte on the beach in Austinmer or somewhere. That's just how we roll in NSW. :)
  4. head out to Penrith, down the Oaks Road to Picton, Picton Road to the Mt Kiera turnoff, down into the west of Wollongong and along the Princes Highway to Albion Park Rail, then right along the Illawarra Highway to Albion Park, then right to the fabulous Macquarie Pass and TFRPS*

    *The Famous Robertson Pie Shop

    It's a bit more than a couple of hours, but you'll enjoy the ride
  5. More like 5 hours - but hey!
  6. ....speed limits?

    there'd be heaps within 2 hours return if you both hauled ass and didn't live right near the CBD
  7. Oi....where's my nod button you jews
  8. Sounds good for another time.
    Have to be home by 10am so not really an option.

    National park it is. Thanks
  9. There's a few short, fun rides around Sydney, but the trouble is that it's usually about an hour from the Rockdale area to where they start.
    Putty, Mac Pass and Old Pac, as prime examples...

    The RNP is more of a cruise than a "ride" these days, what with the moss all over the road and the HWP all over the bushes...
    If you can get a decent, low-traffic run at it, the road between Stanwell Park and Scarborough can be fun too...
  10. Down the old princes highway at Waterfall, turn off at helensburgh to stanwell tops. then go down to the seacliff bridge through to bulli. Nice and flowing ride without having to go through the national park. Less cops on the old highway...
    Enjoy the ride...
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  11. ^ Old princess was pretty decent. Looking forward to a long ride with long sweepers though
  12. Tried this route today. But instead of taking the highway back we turned around and took the twisty park route back as well. Really good!