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short free online game - Get the car out of the garage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. http://www.dragongamez.com/thecar.htm

    go go go

    if you want to use an item you just click on it and then click on what you want to use it on.
  2. Done. Not really that difficult, even though I have been drinking all afternoon :LOL:.
  3. hmmm took me a while to get the password
  4. damn..., finally finish... I am not good with games.

  5. Oh come on JD, we can't all be smrt.

    If i posted up this one no one would get it? or would you? :shock:


    only 0.001% of people who have tried actually finished it
  6. ahhhh! that was fun :)
  7. Thanks a lot Mat ya bastard.

    I'm currently stuck on notpron level 7.

    Fiendishly clever little tests these.
  8. Ooh, level 8! Yay!
  9. That site had that horrible "press the big red button" ad flashing next to the game. I couldn't play because it was driving me nuts.
  10. :roll: you use mozilla.... you could have blocked the ad.... :roll: :mad:
  11. Only if it was a pop-up, which it's not. It's an animated GIF. :?
  12. mozilla blocks images.
  13. You can turn images off, but that nurfs a heck of a lot of pages.
  14. go to tools, options,content, tick "load images", go to exceptions. put in http://cdn.fastclick.net/fastclick.net/cid48968/media103323.gif click block. close.
  15. damn spent all morning on level 6 I give up. need to get some work done today!!
  16. Grrrr level 11 has me bollixed
  17. i think i got up to level 13 on notpron before i found something else to do... i used to have it bookmarked at where i got up to but i cant find it :(
  18. Yeah I'm stuck on 13 right now :) Got the username, can't figure out the pwd.

    What a nifty site.
  19. been playing for 10 minutes, and i'm almost through level 4. just a little bit stuck lol
  20. bah, gotta goto work.

    i'll solve this prick eventually.