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Short film i made

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vladpp, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Ey, me and a mate made a short animated film for a competition run by Monash University. Right now its up on youtube ( http://au.[media=youtube]DT-wfeYdXzc[/media] ), so if you have some spare time check it out, any c & c is welcome.

    Ride on
  2. hi mate,

    nice film.

    how much C&C do you want, and what would you like it on :)
  3. Yeah, right on.

    You always push the button.
  4. as much as your willing to type... we want to start a live action film in the school holidays, so i wanna get feedback on what people liked and could be improved.

    This movie was extremely rushed in what free time we had away from school (yr12) but i want complete honesty.
  5. orright then

    I'll start with the CG aspect.. for yr12, its great, but there is lots to fix.
    first up, stay away from GI/skylighting (or ambient occlusion if you used that) Its slowing you down wiht increased rendertime and you're not using it right. Gi flattens your work wiht incorrect use(as does basic max default lighting) switch to area lights, start to develop contrast in your images.
    In Film, very little of your image is actually important and every unimportant bit that adds nothing, in fact serves to distract. so learn to bring out your important bits either through saturation (colour) or contrast (e.g. luminosity). How you do that depends on what you actually want ot achieve wiht the sequence


    pay attention to the light colour, never never never use white light. Light has a colour temperature, pay attention to it, understand lighting and shadow/negative lighting is vital to bringing out your scene.


    texture your sky,

    there is a heap of other stuff, but for yr 12 thats pretty awesome, so you'll no doubt work through it as you go on...

    So for the film work, lock the camera down far more. you're way too expansive with your camera shots and you move the camera far too much & rotate too quick (though I suspect that is a function of using a target camera and pivoting the target too close to the camera (the camera gimballed).

    Think about your composition more. camera angles and movements impart meaning, high angles create audience dominance, we're looking down on them as superiors. Of course there are always exceptions to these rules but in this case if you look through your movie, most shots are from above, looking down on the robots (though they are supposed to be imposing).

    your shot to shot flow was prety good, you didn't break any camera lines so thats good.

    anyways, hope some of that helped, good luck with any further work you do!
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    Good stuff, great for year 12. Spending more time on lighting would have given it a much better look, you'd be suprised how a few lighting tricks can make non textured primitives into artworks. Eg. the corridor scene has much better lighting compared to the streets, which looks like lego town. It kicks my year 12 3d ass thats for sure, albeit 3d apps weren't as readily available then. Keep at it, I love modelling. Nice little robots.

    Also, I'm doing a robot/evolution themed project for my uni portfolio work, how original we are :LOL: But mines more of a technical piece so hopefully I'll get away with it. Plus I go rather conceptual and deep about the whole thing, rather than ripping off the terminator series (even though I do reference it hehe).

    Keep it up.
  7. Nice work.
  8. Why the American accent in the narration?
  9. Thanks for all the replies, it has been a very interesting and informative read. The american accent was my friends idea, and it was 4am at night and i really didn't feel like arguing.

    Speaking of witch today @ school i got pulled out of class and my IT teacher (who is barely qualified to use, let alone teach IT) tells me she got a phone call and we got first place. WooHoo.
  10. are you finished yr12 this year?
  11. fame is heading your way young fella. great effort. as to how why and what you did, i as a consumer think it was good.
  12. Congratulations. Next time, don't be American.

  13. Ive got 1 week of term3 left, then 2 weeks holiday, then term 4 is two weeks, and i have my last exam on November 17 then IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
  14. is that an alternate ending for iRobot?
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    We finally got to putting up a video of the night


    Not only did we come first in the animation division, but we also won IT Student of the Year. Were starting to work on our next project in the school holidays. At this moment in time i can say it will be a live action horror film with special effects.