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Short evening rides in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Tylluan, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    Something I used to love to do in my old city (Christchurch, NZ) was take my bike out for a short (~30-40 min) evening ride just to clear my head.

    Since moving to Sydney I've not been able to do that, because in 40 minutes I can only just barely get to the edge of the city (whereas back in Chch, give it 10 minutes and I'm out on the plains or up in the hills).

    What I'd love to know is if there are any nice (reasonably scenic, not any traffic) roads I can have a bit of a pootle about on in Sydney. I live in the inner west, Erskineville, and I'd love just a little 40 minute round trip I can do.

    Any suggestions?
  2. It's a bit of an impossibility in widely spaced out Sydney unfortunately. In most countries in 20 mins you are in the next city, in Sydney you are only in the next suburb - if you are lucky. You are going to need more time.

    The best bet would be, depending on time of day you might be able to get to the Royal National Park. Getting there in 40 mins, in daylight can be a challenge. You just head straight down the Princes Hwy from Sydney Park.

    If you leave after 6pm, you could get a good run, down to Nasho (as it is known) in about 40 mins. 30 mins through the park to Waterfall or Helensburgh via Bald Hill (Stanwell tops) might be a good way to spend a nice weekday, daylight savings evening. You wouldn't be home much before 8 though - but worth it. Early to middle of a weekday would work too. Peak hour sucks heading south - so avoid that.
  3. How about heading north over the bridge? After peak hour it does not take long to get through Neutral Bay and Mosman and over the Spit Bridge, but misery in busy times. Don't bother going north on the coast road though as Brookvale, Dee Why etc are all stop start.

    Once over the Spit and up the hill go left at Seaforth and onto the Wakehurst Parkway.for a bushland run all the way to Narrabeen. Continue up Pittwater Road to Mona Vale then head inland on Mona Vale Road, up the escarpment to Belrose on a lovely winding road through more forest. Alternatively you can follow Pittwater Road all the way to Church Point/McCarrs Creek for a great, but heavily policed road weaving through the bush, rejoining Mona Vale Road at Terry Hills.

    Forest Way takes you back towards the city then either back onto Wakehurst Parkway at Frenches Forest and back over the Spit or over Roseville Bridge and then through Castle Crag and Northbridge.

    The round trip will exceed your 40 mins, but you will definitely feel you have been out of town.
  4. i think that round trip would take well over 2 hours