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Short Distrance Bike Freighting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scarecrow, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Good evening fellas and ladies, i'm off to buy my first bike in a week or three and have just realised that I have no idea how i'm going to get the bike from the private sellers house to mine!

    I completed the basic L's competency course not to long ago (NSW my dears) but am in no way confident enough to ride 20 - 40km in traffic, so I figure my best bet is to have the bike shipped professionally.

    Ultimately i'd like to arrange for a courier to meet me at the sellers house where i'll hand over my hard earned, and then get him to load up the bike and move it to my place which wouldn't be more then 40km away, in all likelyhood probably only 20 or so because I plan on buying somewhere quite local.

    I'm located near Parramatta.

    I've got a couple of questions (sorry for making you read the above, but it's necessary background):
    a) there's probably a dozen companies that do this sort of thing, who can you recommend?
    b) what sort of price am I looking at, very rough estimate?

    Cheers for that :)
  2. Maaaaate, wave a 6 pack of cans under under the nose of the local (to you) boofheads here. we cant resist free cans and riding some one elses bike. :)
  3. Ask the seller if he will ride it to your place, than you can either give him taxi money or drive him home, or if he is nice as my seller was, he got his missus to follow in car, he lived like 2 hours away.
  4. Hire a ute if you get desperate.

    A 4 hour hire fee is about $40 bucks, thats a bargin.

    If you don't drive, get a mate to drive it.
  5. Best bet probably ask the person you buy from, otherwise give us a yell when you know more and i could probably help you out...
  6. My be good idea to give details of:
    Where the bike is and the
    date and time of pick up.

    Somebody from the forum might be able to ride it for you to your place.
  7. Oh I forgot:

    What bike is it?
  8. Thanks for the replies so far fellas! Yeah the thought of asking the guy to ride it here crossed my mind, that would be the easiest option, I'm not sure how inclined the seller will be to do that though.

    Sorry Kanduli, I would of supplied that info if I had it :) Still narrowing my bike choices down, i've decided on a baby blade because I love the styling compared to the other faired 250's and i'll almost certainly be able to sell it for the same price I paid (as is the backwards nature of the used 250 market in NSW).

    Now I just have the task of getting my hands on a red and/or black (preferrably "and") that isn't currently scratched to shit (i don't mind if a bikes been dropped in the past, it's almost certain that every used cibby out there has been) but I want it looking good as new when I buy it. Shouldn't be too long before one pops up :)

    Again, thanks for the advice so far!
  9. Scott's Motorcycles at Kogarah/Ramsgate specialises in used CBR 250 RR's they paint them pretty much any color you want.

    They ain't cheap.
  10. baby ninjas are sexier than baby blades :)
  11. WHY?? once you pay the $$ it's yours, none of the sellers beez wax who rides it.
  12. What? Think youve misread
  13. The little ninja's are bloody good lookers, you ain't wrong about that, I just tend to see the blade as not looking it's age as much, which is a plus for me because i'll have the friggin thing for a good year and a half :p

    Hell if I thought I was only going to have the 250 for the 3months while I was on my L's I'd probably pick up the cheapest naked I could find, but if i'm keeping it for so long until i'm off LAM's then I want to be perfectly happy with the styling, and for me, I like the Honda :)
  14. Yeah I think so to, just to clarify for woodsy, what I meant was -
    "The thought of asking the seller to ride it to my house crossed my mind..."
  15. oops sorry yep i did
  16. :shock: :shock:
    And I thought roughcactus was real nice delivering the bike to me about 25 mins away. Thanks again, keith and and mrs keith (sorry forget your name cadbruy)

    Don't worry Keith I'm looking after the hornet real nice.
  17. When I picked up my learner bike I rode it home myself. in peak hour, squidded and inexperienced.

    I made it home ok though :)

    btw I'll ride the bike if you want
  18. I probably could ride it home myself, but I don't want to have to arrive back in my garage and then spend the next 2 hours cleaning mysterious brown stains off the seat :p
  19. well im a looking at an hour+ ride home when i get my bike...... may yet have to see if a netrider wants a trip up to the country....... weel see.

    when you have decided on the bike.. just throw a post up here witht he promise of a 6-pack (as already mentioned) you'll be turning down offers :LOL:
  20. Buy my bike, and I will ride it to your place for you!


    Also, my boyfriends Babyblade will be up for sale very soon.... He'd ride it to your house too if that's what you wanted! We live in the inner west and are selling due to upgrading.