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Shops open on Sundays, where are they

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Topkat, May 10, 2008.

  1. Working all week there's not much time to get into the city or to a store, can someone advise me where stores are open Sunday and rough times if you know.

    I am after some dririder pants or water proof cover pants for the daylesford ride and the best thing is it dunmatter where the store is cos Sunday is my riding day :LOL:

  2. The bike shops in Ringwood are open on Sundays.I would get there before 1pm because some can close a bit early.
    Also the clearance place in Keilor is open 7 days.
  3. Accessoride is also open on Sundays.
    508 Plenty Road, Mill Park, Victoria 3082 - (03)9436 4499
  4. if you just want waterproof over pants try aussie disposals?
  5. Thank you all and caz this place i went to before i got my L's and maybe cos there close and i like getting lost i just for gots about them :grin: on the way there and then off to get lost and then home for mothers day dinner...
  6. AMX in Dorset Rd Bayswater is open Sunday's

    Full range of accessories & gear at discount prices.

    10-5 (i think)
  7. clearance place in keilor? I got my cover pants at intyre nicholson Street unsure of sundays but worth a look if your cruising. about $40.
  8. anybody know any in Sydney? I work six days, bike shops all being shut on sundays is really giving me the dirts. thanks for any help.
  9. lightcycle, MCAS in Wentworth st Sydney are open sundays as is the bike shop in Chatwood on the corner of the Pacific Hwy and Fullers Rd, don't know the name of it sorry.
  10. The MCAS website says it's closed on Sundays and it was when I went passed a few months ago...I think.
  11. your right snow dog. my mistake.
  12. hey guys,

    yeah, MCAS is shut sundays.

    Is the one in chatswood that you're talking about Alto?

    It's listed as the address you're talking about.

    I'm really looking for accessories rather than bikes, judging from their website I think Alto might be more into the latter.

    Nobody wants to take my money!
  13. Mornington Kawasaki is open on Sundays, nice shop.
  14. Alto in Chatswood are a dealer and only open for sales on Sundays.

    Also, they have a crap parts/accessories department and poor customer service, would not recommend them.

  15. Well these guys helped me out, they never had my size in stock when i told them i need them by this coming sunday for a netrider ride the guys ordered them and told me i would have them wednesday/thursday i think his name was trevor called me today at lunch i shot over to pick them up can't wait "Don't wanna use then but just incase"

    Thanks again Caz :wink:
  16. For future reference, Intyre Motorcycles in Fitzroy is open not only Sundays, but till 8pm every night!!! Really good staff as well, and they're building cafe as part of it all.
  17. Where is it - it's not the scooter joint i hope says the bloke on a hyosung :roll: "I suffer with foot in mouth" Just learn to life with it...lol :roll:
  18. It's 646(?) Nicholson street, North Fitzroy. It's a bit different to the scooter joint - it's the one with the owner's Hayabusa parked out front and his cafe raced 70's Duc in the window! :cool:
  19. Keilor Park Drive

    I think it's AMX, they opened a place Keilor Park Drive, just nth of the freeway, about 100 meters up on the left, chuck a left after the BP Servo and first driveway on right. open 7 days a week and have anything you want.
  20. Never had a problem with them.

    I get my KLE servced there.