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Shopping Night...Thanks!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Thanks to all who were there, looked like a good turnout and the amount of stuff sliding across the sales counter will keep Brian/Sharon and the staff hopefully happy enough to put on another night at some stage. Thanks to all

  2. it was a good night thanks to Brian/Sharon, plenty of coffee for Glen and snacks oh yeah and lots of bike gear :)
  3. thanks everyone. didn't actually get to meet anyone, but i did get a shiny new shoei :D
  4. Great night as always. Thanx to Brian and the gang. My lovely new tank bag is ace!!!! :D

  5. that was on bobs bike , sure you didnt pinch it :LOL:

  6. Yes, noticed my bag went for a wonder! Tank bag people!!!! :shock: Got it back and left before Bob could pinch it AGAIN! :LOL:

  7. yep i rocked up and couldnt spend anything because i dont get paid til friday... :(

    but a big thanks to the bikemart crew, friendly and helpful as always!!

    Sluglie says thanks too :)
  8. Aaaaaand I was stuck at work.

    Yay. Work.

    Want DriRider too.
  9. Thanks Bikemark crew (especially for putting up all the hassle I created sorting out which boots and what size I needed.)

    Also thanks to Musty and Lodger for chipping in with some advice on my purchases.

    Anyone else get backed into a corner by Scope sales pitch for the new dri-rider jackets? :D :p :D But I have to say they are a damn fine jacket, unfortunately I've sorted the cordura gear and focusing on the cow hide now.
  10. Thanks to the crew at bikemart.

    Unfortunately due to a lack of funds I could only buy 1 item, so new boots it was.

    I didnt get a chance to meet many people but did say hi to a few out the front.
  11. Had a fun time shopping, big thanks to Sharon for perservering with me. I ended up with a new Motodry summer jacket, chain, plugs, filter and grip glue all for much less than I would have otherwise paid. Shame they didn't have sprockets and a K&N cleaning kit on hand or I'd have grabbed that too.
  12. Asked Brian but they were out of stock, more stuff coming tomorrow.
    They tend to make the non-cargo Draggins a bit tight around the knee area, fine otherwise.
    Use them in the leathers (after some slight mods), comfy.
  13. Yes and a big thanks to Brian/Sharon, Hope I left enough stock on the selves for the rest of you. I am now passing around the hat so I can pay off my credit card :). Even getting a discount on a new can for the SV. Hhhmmmm
  14. From me too, a big thanks I got my Boots and Gloves, one step closer to being on the road.... :D
  15. yep thks I got new R X T, and went back thursday and bought some more items, then went next door to look at bikes mmm nice kawka 1300 oh well dream on cheers all
  16. PINCH it ? oh pls , it looked so much better on my redVTR with the red lettering etc . instead of on the dull boring matt black

    :LOL: :p :LOL: