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Shopping for bits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Well, I'd like to say I want some new stuff for the Hornet because I'm upgrading her, like Edgelett is.....

    But the real reason is because this afternoon on a perfectly innocuous bit of road at the back of Robertson I high-sided her and threw her up the road :cry:

    Only my pride is damaged, protective gear did what it's supposed to do, and only my helmet will need to be replaced; it has a nasty rash over the right front of the visor and up to the top right above the visor.

    The Hornet?? Well my 'ugly' engine protection bars did exactly that. But the tank has a nassty dent, the headlight is broken, athough the plastic shell that holds it is ok, the tacho is dead, but the speedo is fine, but the rear plastic binnacle that hold them both in is in several (many) pieces.

    Levers, pegs and mirrors (amazingly) have escaped without damage apart from a scratch on the top of the brake (hand) lever, but the bars are bent well out shape, so they have to be replaced.

    Worst part (and I know it will be the most expensive) is that the tank has a 4" diameter dent and the paint is scuffed in a couple of other places.

    I haven't decided yet on whether or not I will do this through my insurance (full comp with QBE) or fund it myself in the interests of not damaging my no-claim bonus and the inevitable delays insurance usually entails.

    Anyway, at the risk of again stating the bleeding obvious, watch out for broken and patchy surfaces under groves of trees....
  2. Weheyyyyyy!

    That was silly, ya GOOSE!

    Can you get the bits from wreckers?
  3. Sorry to hear about your off mate...good to hear you are ok and the bike is not too badly damaged...hope your back i the saddle again soon

  4. As the previous people, can't help with parts but hope you get the bike back to pre todays condition soon :)

    Best of luck finding everything you want and at a good price so you don't need to use insurance :)
  5. Glad to see you're well enough to tell us about your off. A high side is a pretty good excuse for some new bling-bling :grin:
  6. That sucks mate, glad your ok...

    Hope it doesnt end up bein too expensive. Youd have to think it would be worth usin your insurance though, surely??
  7. I should add that I tore one of the snap fasteners out of my moto-dry jacket (the bottom one).

    Does anyone know what mechanisms they have for repairs here?

    (Thanks, Loz, I'm just so embarrassed about this; I had just spent the previous two hours tutoring a new-ish rider about the right lines through corners, riding ahead of him to show him what to do and then riding behind him and watching and noting for further comment, and bringing up the rear of a lot of riders far less experienced than me, I throw it up the road :oops: I almost wasn't going to post it, honest.)

    Mik, I'm guessing that my excess would be less than the cost of the parts, yes, but it still may be a viable alternative in terms of not damaging my premium and my NCB.

    ****** I won't name him, because he contacted me via PM, but a Netider has just offered to fix my tank FOR FREE: all I have to do is supply the paint!!!! And he says he can fix my jacket button too!

    Jeez I love this place :grin:
  8. Well, that's a bummer Hornet, so soon after getting it all fixed :(

    Good news you can get it fixed thru netriders tho :dance:

    Glad your Motodry worked, when I low sided the GPX750, mine saved most of my skin, but sacrificed itself totally in the process, and the forearm/elbow armour got scared and hid behind the arm, my elbow protected the armour :?

    I was doing about 80 at the time.

    Hope it's all fixed up quick.

  9. Sorry to hear about your off, but happy to know that you are OK.

    Doesn't matter, a lot of us are still looking forward to you giving us lessons on cornering. I guess we'll have to wait a little.
  10. Ed I want to get it up and going as quickly as possible for just that reason, I'll just have to make sure the advice is "Do as I say, but not as I do" :LOL:
  11. Hey Paul, sorry to hear about your off, good thing is you're ok :grin:
  12. Thanks, buddy, i was luckier than you, not going as quick, I guess, and I didn't hit anything except the road.

    See you out there soon, mate.
  13. holy crap !!

    Are you okay Paul ??
    No injuries ???
  14. I'm probably sorer now than when it happened, matey. My wrist is a bit tender, but I'm quite sure I just jarred it. The inside of my left knee is a bit tender: I think it thumped it on the tank while parting company. But no skin off and thank God, He must have given me pretty tough bones.....

    {Plus the sense to buy good gear and wear it all the time...}
  15. Bad luck about the off but even worse while your showing some one what to do
  16. well from your brothers post on oroadsports i'd say go for one of those dirtbike headlights. acerbis make some trick looking ones that are road legal i believe :grin: they come with mounting brackets of some sort too! as for the speedo id say head for an aftermarket one. veypor or any of the ones advertised in the mags. as for the bars just rock into any bikeshop and there will be plenty of bars to choose from, just make sure they fit your risers because some dirtbikes run fat bars which have a larger diameter in the middle.

    oh yeah www.austreetfighter.com.au is a good place to get ideas and stuff :)
  17. Sorry to hear that Paul,Carri just asked me from the otherside of the room"is he ok" [-o< ,I said "well his hands and brains ok coz he,s still typing :grin: on NR."
    Dont feel too bad mate,sometimes these things happen,when youre numbers up, youre numbers up I reckon, wrong place, wrong time, wrong judgement, wotchagonnadu, besides, few battle scars, chigs digem. :jerk:
  18. Geez Hornet, that's sad news. I hope you are OK and your bike is blinged up and running quickly.

    Fantastic news about the Netrider help.

    Sending prayers up to the motorcycle Gods to keep you upright and safe so you can keep on instructing the newbies, and showing them what not to do :)
  19. Sorry to hear about your off mate. Make sure you get that wrist looked at properly. Xrays are required! Cheers, Rob
  20. Paul, Paul, Paul, :shock:

    What would your mother say? [-X

    Glad your ok mate, bikes can be patched. Now one thing to remember while your stuck in a cage, cars don’t lane split :!: