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Shopping for a laptop, would like advice (accountant here?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Im thinking about getting a lappy so i can use the web/chat whilst on the couch (which is near the heater) looking at Toshiba stuff now. Sony seems no good :)

    Main page at http://www.laptop.com.au/laptops.shtml#ss

    Does anyone have ideas/advice they'd like to pass on, especially money/tax related stuff. Going to look into salary sacrifice since it's a work related item :)

  2. Buying a laptop is like buying a house; there's only one important consideration (position, position, position).


    Laptops are easy to damage, and at best 90% reliable even when cared for well.

    Three year on-site warranty should be your minimum demand.....

    {which just happens to the the standard of warranty offered by Samsung Electonics, whose products I sell :roll: what a surprise!!}
  3. Thats very true, unlike a desktop, you can't just buy a new keyboard when you spill coffee on it :) So also get accidental damage insurance.

    I found that dell are the best value for money, you can also pick and change what you want (more ram, bigger hd etc).

    They have a few offer on at the moment, free memory upgrade and free leather case to name but a few.
  4. Dell fcuked us around last year big time, i'll never buy from them aghain, And they still continue to send us so much bloody advertising. such a mass waste of paper. Anyway the shop i mentioned is a 2 minute walk from home + work, very convienent if i need to take it back for repair :)

    And im getting an external keyboard for it, plus i dont drink coffee amyway. hehe/ will also get the usb/wireless mouse. that way i can take it to work and home, a whole 4 minute walk :)
  5. Being rather generous aren't you??

    Brand wise i have always found toshiba to be reliable and easy to deal with when needed.

    Would definately NOT get a COMPQ and Dell aren't far behind on my list purely on their customer support (what support?)
  6. Not had any problems with Dell in the last few years, apart from the Indian tech support !

    Will the shop repair it, if it under warranty it will probably be repaired by a third party. So make sure if you have next day on site cover or your laptop will go away from repair and come back in a months time still broken (my experence with IBM).

    Had one of the onsite guys come to fix my desktop some years ago, he changed the CPU motherboard and memory when all it needed was a new PSU, he must have been new :)
  7. I am buying a tablet PC this time. I think i will get the HP Tablet PC...i would never buy a Sony laptop - whats the attraction? Stick with tier 1 hardware providers. I have 3 users of Sony Vao and all have had hardware issues...toshiba and IBM and HP have far less instances of hardware issues in my experience.

    Make sure you check out graysonline - they regularly have good lappy deals
  8. Well I guess I should add. The shop people buy food from where my girlfriend works. They are on friendly terms with them. They service me bad, they get crap food (daily) :)

    Im fairly sure Im going to buy from the shop, but you guys are swaying me from sony. I'll look at the toshiba stuff I think.

    I much prefer to give $$ to 'friends' more than some seller I dont know. So try to give suggestions at either personal sales you could provide or the shop I mentioned. Thanks :)
  9. Re: Shopping for a laptop, would like advice

    Buy the new Mac Powerbook. Duel boot Mac OS and Windows XP.

    Have the best of both worlds. :p
  10. I have just bought a Toshiba Tecra A7. Great laptop and has a slot to fit the Sony memory stick (as well as MMC, SD and others). I got it for exactly the same reason. Wanted to be able to sit by the heater, watch the cricket on fox and surf the net at the same time.
  11. Its a shame you have had a bad experience with Dell, as they are always my first recommendation for laptops on a price v performance basis.

    I would stay away from Sony - overpriced and often bad support. Another vote for Toshiba or IBM. I haven't heard any feedback about the effect that IBM's laptop division being sold to Lenovo has had on their quality though.

    ASUS are getting an increasingly better reputation, but don't appear to be quite "there" yet (they also make Apple's laptops).

    Apples are now more attractive as you can dual boot windows, but they are a royal pain to deal with if anything goes wrong.
  12. Re: Shopping for a laptop, would like advice

    seeing as im a unixsys admin, i think it's a given XP won't be on the laptop for long :)

    I think Im going to get the Toshiba m45. Went into the shop and looked at it, screen is nice etc. http://laptop.com.au/product/toshm451660gb.shtml

    Still open to advice but I was at least swayed from sony to toshiba cause of this thread :grin:

    Also will get extra 2 year warranty, work is done on site. 2 minute walk from work :) We had a chat how they just opened an account at the shop where emma works, so I'll see what deal they can give me :)

    I liked the m65 but for $800 more, don't think it's worth it
  13. Get the new intel core -duo as they are new technology 64bit and 2 processor cores with 1 mg L2 cache whcih means they are a great performer and are new technolgy and the best thing is they are very well priced with entry level starting at about 1500.

    So seriously dude the Intel "m" is good but old technology. The way I look at it is tech changes so fast get the latest tech you can. 64 bit is the way to go. Good luck mate cheers
  14. Well now Im up to the part of how to pay for it. Are any accountants here? Seeing if I should either pay upfront, claim on tax as it's 100% business related buy, rentsmart rental and claim on that? Or Salary packaging. Can anyone with expertise in this please help :) If you need personal thingws like what I do, income etc, we can always talk via PM or organise email or IM chat.

    All advice is appreciated highly!! :)
  15. I'll look into it but most of my work invloves ssh'ing to work servers. I'd web browse + IM as well but that's all I care about really. I have my desktop for powerful performance/gaming/etc.
  16. I am pretty sure that the current dual cores aren't 64 bit - you will have to wait for Memron later this year for that. Dual core is still great if you multitask a lot though.

    As for payment - salary sacrifice all the way. Laptops are specifically excluded from FBT, so your work shouldn't have any qualms about doing it. Depending on what tax bracket you are in, you can effectively get up to a 48.5% discount.
  17. I have gone the salary sacrafice for laptops route many times in the past and happy to explain the process or answer any questions...

    1) You need your employer to be involved (and thus alot easier for those of us self employed).
    2) Basically the business which employs you will buy the laptop. 1st saving - any GST on the sale is clamable. Bye bye to 10% :grin:
    3) The business buys the laptop and takes the ex GST price out of your pre tax income. 2nd saving - based on your tax bracket (as posted) you will 'save' up to 48.5%
    4) You get a new toy. You can do this once per year without any drama - provided your job has some link to use of a computer.

    This is much better than claiming depreciation, as its effectively an instant 100% claim without any delay.

    For what your planning, I would get something that is not too heavy, and wont get too hot. Make sure you get a screen that you are happy with - there is generally two types, "glossy" and the non glossy, I prefer the glossy type but not everyone does (particularly if you work in an area affected but strong direct sunlight).

    If you (or anyone else) is interested, I have two laptops (I buy one every year..) which would be suitable which I could sell - obviously no GST as its from an individual. The 'newer' of the pair is still under warranty, has winzp/unix dual boot, wireless, uxga glossy screen etc etc.
  18. Undii, well if you can salary sacrifice it, I'd go down that track. The reason being is that your employer will purchase the laptop out of your before tax dollars (saving you your marginal rate of tax on purchasing it).

    Secondly, if its related to work as you say, you can then claim the laptop as a deduction in your tax return (a second saving for you). Bear in mind though that the laptop will probably have to be depreciated rather than all claimed in 1 income year.

    If you rented the computer you only get the deduction for the rent payments. So you'd miss out on the first tax saving I mentioned.

    Hope that helps.
  19. I have a Samsung X20 which is not treated with kid gloves, but still seems to be working fine. Used at home, work, workshop and site. I would buy another Samsung based on the results of this one.

    Only thing I would like is bluetooth built in, rather than the USB slot being used.

    My eldest boy has a Toshiba M55-S325. These are built solidly, and his performs well, doing all the typical teenager essentials.

    I suspect there will be product champions for each brand out there. Google your favourites and the words "problems" or "issues" to get a wealth of other views on your prospective purchase. We did this before buying the Toshiba, and it was well worth while.
  20. Hi undii if you are just getting one for ssh then you could just get a $900 entry level celeron 256 ram type machine. You could actually get a second hand one to do what you want to do. ssh as you are aware is just a comand line so not much processing done there and the net and IM the same deal not much processing.

    Too many choices hey mate, sometimes I get like "someone just go and buy me a laptop" sick of looking. hehehee :)