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Shopping day, I have new toys

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NJS, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. '06 Husqvarna te610 $6500

    Teknic chicane gloves
    Rjays speed2 boots
    Rjays explorer pants
    Teknic chicane jacket
    Arai vector Doohan print

    Bike was to good a deal to pass up. Tomorrow it will have dual purpose tyres, bag rack, chain guard and pillion pegs.
    Chose the gear for what felt right.
    Great fun, best shopping I have ever done.
  2. Sweeeeeeeeet :cool:
  3. Post up which dual purp tyres you go with, I've got dirt knobbies too at the moment and I'm considering doing the same thing. Bike looks sweet, have fun!
  4. Bollocks the dual purpose tyres, you need motard rims and rubber!!

    That was a cheap purchase! You are hard pressed to find a much older XR650R for a cheaper price than that!
  5. Best contact I know for motard wheels, this is only for you to mull over of course.


  6. Nice one. Enjoy!
  7. Crikey that is a good price for a whole lot of bike.! +1 Motard :cool:
  8. Dunlop trail wings. Is what the dealer recomended and are working well. Would go the motard wheels if there weren't so many dirt roads about.
    Am really starting to love this bike.