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shopping centre visit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by abvc, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. do you guys bring your helmet around while in a shopping centre, like chadstone? or they have a special place to drop the helmet?

  2. I lock mine to the bike using the helmet lock Mr Suzuki thoughtfully provided.
    I find dropping a helmet in any spot is likely to damage it :cool:
  3. do you use the chin strap to hook it ?
  4. I had onr pinched that i locked to me bike, the jerks must of just cut through the strap.

    Just bite the bullet and take it with me now...
  5. i take my helmet where ever i go..i like to let everyone know im a bikie. :p
  6. If they cut the chinstrap then the helmet is useless, so it seems that it was pinched as an act of vandalism.
    But pinched is pinched regardless of the motivation I guess, so it depends on what risk you are prepared to take!
    Much like anything associated with biking!
  7. Careful Cleverlie, bikies wear colours and ride Harleys.
    The rest of us are bikers :grin:
  8. I carry mine with my jacket... If i know its a pretty decent shopping center which is pretty secure, i'll leave it strapped to my bike on the helmet attachment thingy
  9. I know but most of the non biker world doesn't know the difference, biker bikie its all the same.
  10. The helmet makes a great carry bag for phone and keys ... so why leave it with the bike ? :)
  12. yeah i carry mine with me, i dont like the idea of it being locked and hung right near the red hot exhaust pipes... plus with the scum that floats round who knows what they'll do.. i have to have that thing really close to my head.... ewww :D
  13. I take it with me everywhere. I have a friend whose helmet was full of pee when he came back from the shopping centre on a thursday night. His bike was parked in the parking of the shopping centre and there were thousands of people going in and out the mall that night.

    He didn´t realize until he put the helmet on his head [​IMG]

  14. I was going to say oh shit, but clearly I would be referring to the incorrect bodily function :grin:
  15. What a piss head :rofl:
  16. If you think about it your helmet is more personal than your undies (at least they get washed once a day) If you leave your helmet with your bike the same scum who is willing to pinch it is the same morons that think it cool to wear a helmet without the strap, hench they will cut the strap to get the helmet !
  17. Umm.. unless they live in caves with no access to media, I can safely say
    they do know the difference. :LOL:
  18. If I'm alone; sure do. :cool:

    If I followed someone, it goes in their boot.
  19. eww... i'll make sure my helmet always stick with me..
  20. Yeah I carry it around, I get 30+ cool hit points alone doing that, that and the fact ive noded at other riders carying around helmets.