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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rat man407, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. anyone on here shooting

    what setup do you use?

    target animal?

  2. you're my target animal
  3. wat for you shot fluffy animal?
  4. have fun hanging me on the wall might take up a bit of room
  5. Disclaimer
    Some animals were killed or injured during the making of this thread.

    Hell yah , I grew up with a bow in my hand,And ordinary Australians had guns.I`ve blasted lots`o`furry little things .

    Not so much into hunting any more ,I really want to get back into archery.Lob shots off a mountain into a target below,, thats talented shooting.

    Pointing a gun at things is really not fair.Unless it can shoot back
  6. G'day everyone,...

    Target shooting mostly,...
    Hunting occasionaly,....

    Dr Who?
  7. Shot military service rifle for a fair few years. Owned and shot M39 Nagants, M44's, No1MkIII's, No4 Mk1 and Mk2's, Serbian Mausers, Israeli Mausers and on and on.

    Whittled the collection now and mainly shoot field rifle in .22's. Tis all I can afford. Wanting desperately to get into skeet/clay/field and game. In time.
  8. Brno 22
    Ruger 204
    Ancient dbl barrell 12gg
    Sngl barrell 12gg

    Rabbits, goats, foxes, flinders ranges.
    No shooting in recent times too busy relearning to ride a bike....
  9. How many flinders ranges did you shoot?
  10. All of em!
  11. I mainly shoot bikes. Usually with some nice scenery in the background.
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  12. I prefer to hunt with a machine gun and fish with grenades, never go without.
  13. Smee isn't a Russian name is it?
  14. True story, my father recounts after the second world war when the germans were kicked out of his village in Northern Greece the local rivers were never the same due to kids using surplus german stick grenades to do their fishing. luckily for him and the local kids no one was ever hurt but it could have been nasty.
  15. small bore target - anschutz '54 modded to the %^&*

    couple of hole punches around here in various flavours

    currently doing a resto on a very good cond 1901 harrington 12g
  16. Grew up on a farm, still have some 22s, a sluggie and a 303 in a safe. Been a few years since I went out. Last time was at a mates place with his shotties and clay pigeons - great fun!
  17. Yes
    Chasing the dragon
    The large vein in the Wang
  18. Piccies? I nearly bought an Anschutz but chickened out after hearing about their ejection problems. Bought a cheapie CZ instead...


    50 meters, prone, off a rest with a dodgy Tasco 4x scope. The rifle goes alright with the right ammo.
  19. Anything i can get my hands on anywhere i can legally shoot it.

    Old man has a .22 and old 12g (so we can put solids through it)

    Though prefer my uncles 223

    Handguns are pretty fun too. The .44 magnum is a load of fun. But i prefer the accuracy of the .45 colt semi-auto
  20. 5 from my .22 and a 5c coin
    kept this coz they gave me a 10 for the lower right shot (no way!)

    anschutz model 54 (modded+++)
    50m prone
    jacket & sling
    ring sights
    sk magazine .22lr