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Shooting Rig

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rat man407, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. i'm trying to set up my bike as a shooting rig so just wondering how other people have done it?

    and mods if this should be in off topic please move it

  2. Shooting rig? Need more info
  3. [​IMG]
    just kidding. I have nothing useful to add.
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  4. basicly something i can chase the pigs with then when close enought put my feet down and pull the gun up and start shooting so i need some sort of gun rack with quick release
  5. So the machete pic is accurate then ...
  6. no clue what you mean are you on another acid trip?
  7. Machete = Danny Trejo in the picture above. Strap a machine gun to the front of the bike, problem solved :) Good movie. Strongly suggest watching it if you like awesome, and hot women.
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  8. yeah i have seen the movie but i can't see any pictures in this thread?? am i going blind?
  9. philmydang has posted it above, a few posts above my own. You at work? Their firewall may be blocking pics :( Some bosses are greedy like that ...
  10. yeah i am i will have to check it when i get home tonight
  11. just had a look on my iPhone well if you guys know where i can get one of those guns then i will mount it but untill then i'm screwed
  12. Why are you even bothering on an Australian forum? You're much more likely to get better information from a US-based motorcycling forum such as ADVRider, in fact if you bothered to use google I'm sure you could find plenty of homemade solutions already done to get inspiration from.
  13. yeah i have just wondering if anybody else in aus has done