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Shooting Monday - Are you being labelled a "bikie"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Yes - much more frequently

  2. Yes - but only a few

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  3. Yes - only one

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  4. No - not one comment so far

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  1. A friend of mine reported that her workmates were making her the butt of their jokes following the shooting in Melb on Monday, because her partner rides a motorcycle.

    See the following where this attititude is surfacing:


    Has anyone noticed that your non-riding mates are labeling us?
  2. I have one thing to say to all non motorcyclists who are afraid of me as a bikie:

    OGGAg Booga Bogga!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    edit: I already have enough labels whats another one as a dangerous motorcycle hooligan? really? water of a ducks back...
  3. I ride a bike, therefore I am a temporary resident anyways. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Just to add more :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    And nice pun there.. Butt of their jokes.. Gedit.. butt.. rifle butt... :roll:

    I couldn't hold a gun in my (right) arm anyway unless they were lying on the floor just under my arm, then I could point the gun at them :wink:
  5. Can't spend yer life taking notice of the opinions of morons. If they don't know enough to distinguish between us and that dickhead, what gives their opinions any weight at all?
  6. Also a big factor as has been mentioned in the other threads that Mr Joe public can usually dinstinguish a "typical" motorcyclist but may have trouble with the difference from what a stereotyped "bikie" is (patched 1%'ers on harleys usually) and another motorcyclist on a harley who doesn't look like "a mid life crisis accountant" so to speak (another stereotype of course)

    jdk, was the friend of yours who was having been made the point of their jokes partner happen to be a harley rider who may dress like you do (in your avstar)? If so, that may play a part in the jokes being that both of the riding "look" the shooter/bikie and friends partner may have???
  7. Well, all they got from the suspect dude was a merc and a toorak tractor.
    Don't see too many bikes! :LOL:
  8. Always interesting to read the comments on these websites - throw em all in jail, take their bikes away, come on police do something! Yes, it's just that easy :roll:
  9. I ride a fully faired 250... where is the room for confusion?
  10. I would prefer to neither confirm or deny what type of bike the person in question rides.....

    I know the stereotypes..... The question is - has this incident had any impact on Public Opinions about "those who ride'?

    It may be that all Motorcycle Clubs (outlaw and non-outlaw) get targeted and banned if the legislation that some people are advocating is enacted..... There will certainly be a huge clampdown on Clubhouses etc....
  11. It's this kind of kneejerk reaction that makes me wish we had "freedom of speech" and "freedom of association" enshrined in our constitution like the USA does. Contrary to popular belief, we don't have these 'rights' under law.

    It is also this result that will make sure that all criminal-based bikie 'gangs' will wail on this guy bigtime for bringing their nefarious activities under increased scrutiny. Whether or not they consider it his right to 'own' his woman etc.

    IF there is a universal unwritten rule book amongst bikie gangs, it is "deal with trouble inside the gang/culture, keep the cops out of it".
  12. Nup never happen, this is not a dictatorship. thank christ. What may happen is 1% get a bit more attention, the cops know the difference between, HOGS and 1% clubs. So lets not all get worked up about this, bikies have a bad rep, rightly so. Most people know the difference between us and 1% clubs.

    The cops have the laws [terrorist mainly] to clamp down on club houses, but hey they are doing that already.

    There are always people here saying things like, the people hate us becuase they think we are all bikies. Well that is rubbish, they don't.
  13. It might have a positive spin. People might get the fook out of your way when you're lane splitting :shock:
  14. Best post yet! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  15. i'm a mild-tempered chick on a hornet. i can but dream about the day anyone's scared of me :evil:
  16. no. people hate me becuase of the "reckless motobike rider" stereotype - aka squid, not the "he's a bikie" stereotype.

    I would almost prefer some respect through fear than the usual barely fluttering an eyelid after nearly running me over reaction i usually get.

    As an aside, I am in a continual state of amazement that these outlaw gangs have so much freedom in this country. I simply cannot believe that they are allowed to get away with what they do. SA is overrun with them. These "crackdowns" are absolutely limp-wristed and ineffectual compared to what could be done.
  17. i ride a bike AND own a honda crv. am i now gonna get pulled up by cops all the time? dammit.
  18. I may be playing the devils advocate here, but arent there a lot more dangerous organised crime syndicates around than scattered bikie gangs? (most of which aren't involved in major crime)
  19. had one person at work today point at a pic of the accused on page 1 of the paper & say 'is that your boyfriend? he's a bikie isn't he?'

    other than that, nope.