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Shooting in the City (Melb) several bike damaged

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser2, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. that is full on!
    where are we, melbourne or new york 8)
  3. We are not too far behind New York now. Crooks too willing to shoot anyone in their bid to steal. From my understanding, they had committed a armed hold up at a bank.
  4. Light stack .38 rounds don't make much noise (not that carries in the city at any rate). I was two blocks away from a shootout once and only found out about it afterwards (dont recall having heard a thing, not above regular traffic)
  5. if it was new york we'd have a dead perp, they know how to use a gun over there :? sad but true, our coppers would be lucky to be spending a couple of days a year at a shooting range, most of them couldn't hit a target 10m away :shock:

    but damn, that is full on eh. woulda been a bit of a rush to watch :LOL:
  6. If you want a good laugh and can manage to get in (during open days or the like) the firing range at the Police Academy is a crack up!

    Police revolvers are set to have a slightly higher break pressure than most firearms. Recruits typically have to apply a lot of trigger pressure to fire (particularly since they have to do all shots double action) and often close their eyes before the point of firing. This tends to result in the barrel raising higher and higher off target and ultimately leads to the rather large amount of bullet holes in the ceiling.

    BTW Someone good with a handgun results in a live but injured prisoner rather than a corpse.
  7. bloody hell, i work in the bld on the corner, didn't hear anything, not even the cops. just went down to have a sticky, bizzare to see all that out the front of your work. luckily nobody was hurt (nor my bike for that matter)
  8. well, i had mate who just marched out of the police academy today.i do have a friend who is based in the city will keep u guys informed
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  10. Area has been taped off since 11:45 or there bouts as i was trying to get home, feeling ill and couldn't go the norm route down nicholson, small one way to exhibition onto flinders and down st kilda rd. everything was blocked. heard rumours of shots being fired but nothing else.

    hope the bikes get back to the road soon, bit of a bummer for those who rode to work today.

    keep it real peoples
  11. one of the cops that just about got shot is a workmate of my bro in law from St Kilda station, my bro in law also was on the police band and herd everything, so will have to find out from him all that happened!
  12. Damn gutsy effort from the cop who jumped into the taxi with the bloke. A well-deserved medal coming up, I reckon.
  13. It's stories like this that make me really glad I moved from the "north island" to Tassie.

    Worse thing that happens here in Snug (yes it's a real town, and yes it's guns spelt backwards :roll:) is bogans doing burnouts in shit-box vb dunnydoors, or gemini's held together with duct tape. (a big fat ugly bloke with a beard and loud voice has got them bluffed tho :wink: )

    I can never understand people who DGAF about others.
    I hope the cops get heaps of praise, and the brain dead do-gooder civil libertarians shut the F up. I also hope the wanker crim gets sentenced to 20 years as the biatch of the ugliest crim in whatever jail he goes to.

    No doubt some prick will try to blame the cops for chasing, or try to say the cop who shot the crim could have "used less violent methods"

    anyways, back to the more civilised life of the "south island" (totally ignoring the port arthur massacre, of course)

  14. Bloody hell :shock: That's full on.. I'm glad no by standers were hurt.

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. ont get me wrong, i'm all for cops shooting crooks. far as i'm concerned, they chose to do the crime, they get the joys of copping a bullet or two. and what i said wasn't really a dig at cops either, they dont choose to be shit with guns, they just get stuff all official training.

    but yer, good on them for giving chase and good on them for pulling the guns out. i just worry about bystanders getting hurt is all.

    and dont get me started on high speed chases either, thats one thing those yankee cops have right. make the bastards crash and sort out whats left of them afterwards. better them than some innocent motorcyclist eh :evil:
  16. lol. i was at work and courier comes to pick shit up and shows me his pics on his phone, some shit about some ken dude got shot or something....

    then other kent at my work wants to ring his mates (crooks) to see if they are ok. rofl.
  17. I didn't take you wrong Coconuts.... I agree with all you say.

    The main issue should always be public safety.. if that means a risk to the public in an attempt to stop a far greater risk, then that's what we pay the cops for. If there's a chase happening, it's cos some flog is doing the wrong thing, personally I expect the cops to stop them from doing the wrong thing, ASAP.

    As for being bad shots, it's not only the training, but the weapon itself, pistols are inaccurate, and only short range weapons. Add the andrenaline, the heavy breaths due to running/exertion etc, and it's bloody hard to hit anything (unless you're a hollywood movie star)

    I was a security guard for a while, and we were taught to only draw the weapon if you had to fire it, and you only fire it if you, or someone else was in IMMEDIATE mortal danger.
    It was deemed by the authorities that the average person needed a steady aimed shot to actually hit something at 10-12 metres

    If you were shooting at a 'target' greater than 10-12 metres away, then you have time to think, aim, and shoot... therefore a life is NOT in immediate danger.
    I would imagine police have the same sort of operating instructions, so not much point practising at any greater range than 10 metres.

    Good on the cops, at least they were doing a proper police job, and not being forced into revenue raising by the stinking pollies

  18. hmmm i did come across a bit angry there eh :oops:

    wasn't directed at anyone here, someone mentioned do gooders, i just farkin hate those bastards. whine whine whine, whinge whinge whinge, what about the rights of the criminal, blah blah blah....... sorry, but last time i checked, they forfeited the right to be treated as a human the second the decided to take something that wasn't theirs to take, be it a car, a wallet or a life.
  19. I hear you coconuts.... (ooo that was close to "I hear your coconuts"... and that would be WRONG!:shock: )

    I understand your anger, now you need to thank your god (if you have one) that it worked out well, punch a big punching bag, go for a ride, guzzle down a good Irish whiskey. AND DON'T LET IT EAT YOU UP.

    Trust a bloke who takes 7 antidepressant tablets a day, If you let it bug you, it'll come backto bite you :cry: