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Shooting in Melbourne CBD this morning

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21923515-2,00.html

    All I can say is :shock: :shock:

    One confirmed dead, others injured.....

    Scary stuff, this is the sort of thing that seems to happen everywhere else but not here in Australia.
  2. Hoddle Street? Port Arthur?
    Unfortunately it does happen here too. Just (thankfully) not often.

    A mate who works at Rialto Towers just rang me, and they are in building "lockdown". The shooting occured almost across the road.
  3. I know it happens here as well, was more of a figure of speech....
  4. An e-mail was sent out to all in my group (we have staff at the Rialto) telling us not to go in to the Rialto til it's sorted out but that's not much help if you're in the train or car on the way in ! !
  5. A good reason to have a blackberry or similair.
  6. I'm sitting in the building on the corner of william st and flinders lane, managed to sneak in through the back around 8:45... completely locked down now tho.
  7. Apparently the weapon has been recovered, so the real sting has been taken out of the curent situation.

    Also sounds like he had particular targets, not a random shooting like Hoddle or Port Arthur
  8. How can you tell this is in Melb ?


    Motorbikes on the footpath !!! :wink:
  9. I rode past the scene about 1/2-1 hr ago. It's all back to normal now road/traffic wise except one lane or alley was police taped around. Fairly boring to look at whilst riding past with stuff all traffic (lotsa people probably avoiding CBD now = great for a ride through ;) Had to go to shaver shop to buy my dad's bday pressie for seeing him tomorrow.
  10. WTF??? The shooting was around teh corner from me this morning and the whole building was on lock down...

    Choppers were in the air, sirens everyhwere :(

    I think we can now honestly start calling ourself Ausmerica :evil:

    Every since i was young, i used to get so angry at people who didnt help another person in need and just watch like gawking imbosiles.
    If you heard a girl screaming, i was told not to worry and not to go outside... I then became that person who ALWAYS helped anyone i saw on the street crying, fights whtever.

    Ive put myself in some stupid situations but never once regretted it...
    If my mother, sister, brother, friend whatever was in danger, i wanted some kind of hope in knowing that someone would be there for them.
    Also, a few years back I was once in a situation where nobody helped and i vowed that i would never be a bystander.

    The sad thing is, is that someone died today trying to help a girl in need.

    WHat would you do????
  11. I hear you Miss_dj.

    People are reluctant to get involved or help someone out as it is. Stories like this increase the likelihood that others will refrain from doing so in the future for fear of the consequences.

    Would I still intervene? I’d like to think so. On the other hand, much would depend on gut feeling at the time.

    At least one decent individual will not be returning home to his loved ones tonight. One selfless act on his part has cost him his life. It will no doubt make everyone, myself included, stop and think before rushing in again.
  12. I really hope I don't sound heartless here, but both in civvy 1st Aid and in the services we were taught to ONLY respond if it is safe to do so.

    There is no use in a 1st responder being electrocuted, burnt, drowned or shot! It just leaves another corpse to pick up later, and means another person has to look at both of you.

    I personally would use the old DR ABC. If there was no Danger, I would Respond.

    my 2c
  13. +1, that's the way they taught me in the Boy Scouts. Your safety first then respond if OK. But then again I have placed myself at risk to help rescue a mountain climber and a landslide victim, so there ya go. We respond as we do.
  14. Not heartless, spot on +1. I wouldn't want someone to "help me" (if needed) if it resulted in their death when it was apparent they'd be hurt due to the Danger being obvious. I would help if it's not obvious there was deadly danger there. Goodness knows I've been in about 100-150 punch ons I reckon from my days drinking in Geelong pubs and "helping mates" or people in "situations", kinda came with the territory in Geelong pubs :?

    Anyway, I haven't really read too much about the actual shooting but I am curious if the person shot had seen the shooter holding a gun before intervening or whatever brought on his shooting. (I'm going to read news reports soon.. Just got back in from installing some new carbon fibre stuff for the bike and haven't had time to read news report/s yet.
  15. From what's been said on 3AW all day he pulled the gun AFTER they came in to assist.

    They are saying one of the females involved is the girlfriend of the gunman so hopefully he wont be to hard to track down.

    One only hopes the judical system doesn't let us down on this one when it ends up in court :roll:
  16. okay Photoshop net-nerds !!

    Start working on "GRAND THEFT AUTO - MELBOURNE" game covers !!!
  17. hmmmmm... maybe a little too soon?
  18. lol.. the days not even over yet :p
  19. So the ABC News reckons this geezer is Hells Angel.

    So do we support him as a fellow rider?? Or disown him for giving the rest of us a bad name??