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Shoo roo and roo whistles?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Oldmaid, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. So now that I have found my inner Willy (Nelson that is) and have gone a little country, I gave myself a fright driving up when I saw a roo right on the edge of the Pac Hwy when I was doing 140. Gulp.
    So on the bike it was suggested by Mr Haveachat that I should get roo whistles on my bars. Then another person said to try shoo roo on the front of the bike.
    Wouldn't know one if it hit me on the head...

    Comments, thoughts, suggestions please?
    Thanks :)

  2. Just ride with your girls out, that'll scare the roos :wtf:
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  3. Surely the Yoshi will scare away any living critter within a 5KM radius?

    On a more serious note, I used to ride with a chap (Nomad where are you?) who had them on and his bike and the results where inconclusive.
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  4. I use roo whistles on my Forby, but never thought about putting them on my bike. Not sure if they would emit a sound or not as I can't hear them locked in a noisy diesel car. It's worth noting that throughout extensive travels around Aus in the Forby, I've never hit a roo though.
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  5. inpo they don't work. I've had more jump out in front of me with roo whistles on then not. As for Shoo-roos, I've seen a multitude of vehicles come in on the back of tow trucks with them hanging of the front end.

    Each to their own though, and for the pittance they cost it's not going to hurt to try. I do know that on occasion I have seen them startle a horse as you go bye.
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  6. Academic studies have not been able to demonstrate that such devices (including ShuRoo specifically) have any effect in deterring roos:

    Helena Bender's 2005 thesis on it: Auditory stimuli as a method to deter kangaroos in agricultural and road environments. Articles based on the different parts of the thesis were published separately over the preceding five years. ShuRoo wrote a response criticising the 2001 article.

    Also: Roo-Guard® sound emitters are not effective at deterring tammar wallabies (Macropus eugenii) from a source of food.

    There's another study floating around that tested sonic devices against dingos, but I can't remember the name.

    In sum, there doesn't seem to be any objective evidence that these devices help any more than a lucky charm.
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  7. God I know, they even scare me! :eek:
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  8. I have had a number of roo strikes, 3 on the current GTR and in all cases they have come out of the dark at full hop from the sides.

    My experience has been that the hoppers out front will lift their head and look, some hop off into the scrub and some just sit there., if your unlucky the ones sitting will be skittish and hop in front of you as you approach.
    Some people swear by the air whistles like the ones below, I personally was not impressed with them
    Shoo Roo Hopper Stopper Animal Warning Sonic System

    The 12 volt shu roo below I thought was too pricey and too big for a bike, truck and light vehicle drivers like them though.
    Shu Roo Slim Line Mk4 Hi Frequency Vehicle Protection

    I ended up purchasing a 12 volt XP3, yes its a deer whistle but is works on roo's just the same and stirs up the local dogs when it is on however it does bounce sonic waves ahead down the road and I do not think it will do much for the roo's that come in from the side at full hop.
    XP3 Deer Hornet Deer Whistle Electronic Sonic V-120

    Just my thoughts
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  9. Thanks everyone...yes I just remembered about the dear deer up here :( thought I had left the buggers in the Nasho
    Next it'll be wild boar leaping out at me as well...
    Maybe I should just get a holster for a .22 on the tank and just strike preemptively (joking) :p really I am...
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  10. Same thing happened to me the other morning on my commute down Bli Bli Rd, then about another 200m down the road a Rabbit shot across the road in front of me, cute little fella and pretty sure the roo was just saying g'day.
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  11. The majority of roo strikes happen between dusk and dawn.

    Don't ride out in the middle of roo infested country at night and you should be fine.
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  12. I have seen very mixed results from a number of different devices that people I know have used. From what I can see they don't do anything at all. However, some basic things can help:

    Don't ride at sunrise or sunset if you can help it. They tend to be moving then, getting to feed or bed.

    After rain they can be found alongside the roads looking for water.

    Consider the roadside vegetation. Some places you can see further to the sides than others. Fresh grass is tasty to roos. Be careful when you can't see if there is fresh grass.

    A stationary roo should be slowed down for. Don't mess around. They can and will bounce one way and then the other. I surmise it was a useful survival tactic to escape from spears and dingoes, but it just puts them back onto the road when you think they are going away.

    If you are going to hit a roo at any speed, lose as much speed as you can before you hit, then at the last second get off the brakes. Just brace and go through it, and keep the bike upright at all cost. Easier to say than do.
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  13. a spot light and a crack shot pillion passenger with a 303 :rolleyes: resulting in free dog food for a month
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  14. ^^^^ Yeeee Hawww! Sorry....feeling a little silly tonight.

    middomiddo is spot on. Even if they are facing away from you, with one leap that can change. They are totally unpredictable.
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  15. I can help out there :)
    My sister had a "shoo roo" on her car, when she turned it on roos would bound away from the road however it didn't work with wallabies
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  16. OldmaidOldmaid I can rent out Barney to you if you'd like. He's bred for taking out Roo's.
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  17. :p:p

    Full actual though, Shu-Ru etc don't seem to 'scare off' wildlife so much as make them stand up or move when they notice the noise, so you end up noticing them earlier.
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  18. In 97 I bought a new clubsport and was terrified of hitting Roos as I did a lot of night hooning,so I bought a cheap roo whistle.
    When I got home I laughed and threw it in the draw still in the packet,well I can say that they work so well that I have not hit a roo since getting it.
    (Disclaimer-This conclusion has been obtained using the same method as government legislators,big calls made with no factual evidence)
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  19. Lived three years outback, saw plenty of cars with shoo roos and evidence of roo strikes. Word from out west was don't bother. Still live in what most would call country, occasionally see roos at the end of my street. I wouldn't consider a shoo roo on my bikes.
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  20. Would love to know of a solution that works. Tired of playing "dodge the roo" every evening for 10kms of road through a national park. Some evenings I can count more than 30 little fellas on the side of the road. Car has hit them twice...
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