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shonky workmanship

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pussy, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Got my bike serviced & tuned, new front & rear pads & rotors, and a few other minor jobs bout a month ago. aprox done 1000k's since.
    the othe day i was riding along and heard a knock from the front end. when i checked my bike i found that my front brake caliper had lost 1 bolt and the other was loose, causing it to hit on the rim.
    Any advise on wher i stand would be appreciated.

  2. You stand on Earth. :)

    Seriously, luck was on your side and you didn't have a crash.

    Personally I would go back to the shop and offer the service manager some ear plugs before I started yelling.

    Definately tell them as humans only learn from mistakes. If it is pointed out to them then they can put procedures in place to prevent it from happening again.

    Good luck :)
  3. Stand OVER the "service manager" with a large spanner. EXPLAIN to him, in word that a 3 year old can understand that he has endagered your LIFE and that you will, in future be taking your business elsewhere and that he is LUCKY something didn't happen to you otherwise his a$$ would be in the sling, legal-wise.

    THEN tell him that you will be advising all your friends and online acquaintances to avoid his establishment like the PLAGUE.

    Just reasonable stuff like that. I'm sure he'll understand.

    :p :p
  4. He would need to prove that the mechanic failed to properly secure the fastener in the first place and that it did not work itself loose.

    Or point him/her to this thread and threaten to name the workshop :)
  5. i found it strange that he would say that it not common practice to use lock tight on brakes?????
    seems like a good idea 2 me.
  6. I agree, Vic, but ,as the manager, he wuld have ultimate responsibility over what went out of the workshop on his watch, and, if he or his team had done their job properly, one of the things that should have been done is a nut and bolt check to make sure everything is tight. My serviceman always does this.

    If that WAS done, it would seem highly unlikely that the bolts could work themselves loose in such a short space of time afterwards.
  7. If torqued to the correct specs lock tight is not required. After a service, usually the last thing I do before a bike leaves my workshop is check the front caliper bolts and the sump plug and as some of you guys who have used me for work have seen I double check them again just before you ride away. It saves me lying awake that night trying to remember if I tightend them or not.
  8. I would be going back to him, of course, and explaining what happened, and asking if it is possible that you can have your next service at no cost, with your supervsion, OR YOU'LL GO TO CURRENT AFFAIR, Consumer protection or the Mafia, or all of them!!!
    Seruously, though be nice, but firm. People in these positiions are trained in how to deal with ranters, but if you are quiet but firm, it puts them off!!
    As a side note, folks, ALWAYS carry a digital camera with you, or at least have a camera-phone. Evidence of these sorts of things is much more compelling than word of mouth.
    Let's know how it turns out, mate, and if worst come to the worst, as Vic says, we'll "out" them on this site!
  9. Go in & tell them what happened calmly. Everyone fcuks up occaisionally. You'll probably find them relieved you weren't hurt and horrified at their mistake. I'm sure they'll be grateful for the feedback, offer to fix it and pay closer attention in the future.

    If you give people a blast straight away they tend to get defensive so everyone gets angry and noone achieves anything. If you're happy with their response to the complaint, you might find it builds the relationship with your mechanic and you get top service for the rest of your life. If you're not happy with the response, you can always post the name of the business on the net and none of us will use them. :D
  10. EXACTLY, what he said (better than how I said it, dammit!!!)
  11. hi all,
    bloke came last night to pick up bike.
    wanted me to pay for transport to work shop.
    naturally i told him to get f@!*d(nicely).
    anyway. after a slightly heated chat he decided to take the bike no cost.
    got my bike back tonight all fixed.(no cost)and he dropped it off.
    caliper tight, new bolt, freshly painted rim.
    he even adjusted my clutch and said he rechecked all bolts.
    guess he realised his mistake.
    thanks for the input.
    let u know if it happens again.(if i can still type)
  12. Goodo, everyone is a happy camper.....or rider, as the case may be.
  13. sounds like your bike might be showing the infamous fzr curse, have you thought of getting rid of it? I know this guy who knows all about the fzr curse if you want to give it to him.... :wink: :p

    good to hear your on the road, I would have brought up the fuel consumtion issue as well. You range was worse than mine even with my tank the way it was.
  14. maybe the curse isn't the bike, but you the bikes curse.
  15. He stuffed up, got it wrong, tried to cut his losses (by charging you for transport) and then did the right thing. Write a letter, thank him for resolving the issue. Be gracious and you stand a good chance of becoming a preferred customer.
  16. Words of wisdom chairman. I absoultely agree. You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

    It IS a catch 22. You should find and stay with a repairmen you can trust, but in order to find out if you can trust him you have to entrust your bike to him and see what sort of a job he'll do...
  17. Repeat that in public and I'll sue! :wink: I have a reputation to maintain.
  18. so where is this mechanic in question?
    not kawasaki newcastle ?
    now they r shonky
  19. This IS a good result. I would give them one more chance by getting your next service done there as well. Have a specific list and make sure they keep to it. If they don't, take your business elsewhere.
    But, YES, write them a letter and tank them for resolving the issue in a mature and satisfactory manner.
  20. dont know if it's a coincedence or not but now my bike is a pig to start cold.
    also both times it's been to him i have had to charge to battery when it comes back.
    i think i'd rater fix it myself thnks.