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shoes / boots for the pre learners course in NSW?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kursed, May 14, 2007.

  1. I am finally doing it on wed / thurs at St Ives, the info they gave me said I needed 'sturdy' shoes with ankle support - I don't have anything except sneakers and work shoes in the ol shoe cupboard, will sneakers suffice for the training - and will they let me ride in them?

    I have bought the helmet gloves and jacket but the boots where really stretching it in terms of the money I was willing to spend before I even got on a bike for the first time. Especially with so many variations out there for boots I had no idea what to look for...
  2. I'd give them a call and check.
    You don't own a pair of walking boots that cover your ankle?
    Ankles tend to get rashed up pretty easily and in very low or zero speed drops (The kind that tend to happen to people who've never been on a bike before the Learner's course) you can end up with your leg stuck under the bike.

    The only guy who failed in my learners course failed because he forgot to put his sidestand down when getting off and the bike gently toppled onto his leg. He failed because he bruised his ankle too badly to keep riding.

    Anyway - that's why they say wear boots. But if you don't have any - call them. it may be a recommendation rather than a hard requirement.
  3. i think the requirement is just not to wear thongs
    I did mine in sneakers the first tiem
  4. I have one old pair of steel caps somewhere that have ankle protection but I thought steel caps where a no-no because you can't feel the levers on your feet or they can cut up your feet if you have an off...
    I'll give them a call today.
  5. I'll probably get shot down in flames for this, but if you don't have motorcycle riding boots, good quality leather lace up work boots - not steelcap will do the job.

    Main thing is to ensure that they:
    • are comfortable
    • are sturdy
    • provide good ankle support
    • are a snug fit (no slop)
    • not steelcap
    Ensure that the laces are double knotted and are not overly long. Tuck them inside if they are on the long side to prevent snagging on gear / brake levers.
  6. Runners are fine for the prelearners. I used mine at st ives, and so did a few others.
  7. sweet thanks for the assistance everyone
  8. I did it in snickers, but now I would have done it in something that covered up my ankle. On the first day I ran into barriers :p and I've beat up my ankle. I was in pain for the rest of the day, I've been thinking about quitting it, but considering that I've waited 3 months I've stuck with it, it was fine the next day and I passed the course (still wearing snickers).
  9. I am intrigued by the dynamics of this? Do you have any photos... I would have thought chocolate bar shoes would be bad for grip when you put your foot down?


  10. kursed, I guess you have a point, no wonder I ended up in a wall :shock:
  11. ^^ :LOL:

    Kursed and Nuff ~ riotous comedy duo. Merrick and Rosso have got nothing on you two :wink:

    I did mine in lace up Docs with no trouble, one guy had sneakers and nobody batted an eyelid. I actually had more trouble with the bootlegs of my jeans getting caught on the pegs :?

    Good luck, btw :grin:
  12. Hi,
    I did the first day in motorbike boots, I was told at the end of the day that I could wear sneakers if i wanted. This actaully helped me cause it was easier to shift gears with since I hadnt broken the boots in yet.

    Something to consider :p
  13. Were you the only guy wearing sidi vertigos on that day? If so I know who you are :)
  14. LOL that was me
  15. I should have said hi, i was in different group and you looked a bit out of place :p
  16. I did mine in sneakers at St Ives, they seem pretty relaxed about footwear.
    Hopefully you get Graham as your instructor, he is a legend.
  17. sounds like I'll be having a good day regardless. I am really looking forward to finally getiing on a fuggin bike, been waiting for soooooooo long! looking at the shiny helmet, kevlar gloves and ixon jacket hanging there all unworn and teary at it's obvious lack of use... :)

    anyone else doing this course at st ives tomorrow / thurs?
  18. Hope your gloves aren't too thick, might hinder you a bit when you're learning. If not, their gloves are nice and worn so very easy to use + they're not too thick. Enjoy getting your Ls :D
  19. I went to the St ives course after reading that sturdy clothes only with my shift leather jacket, apline stars sp2's and some riding boots. I was hot and sweaty and uncomfortable all day long standing in the sun. I was told i could wear a long sleeve t-shirt, use their MX gloves and just wear sneakers. I suggest you do the same and take a hat along...