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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bullet21, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Whats the big paranoia about them? ive had several people tell me its a big no no but i dont think they are really that dangerous are they? has anyone ever got em caught in something?

  2. Years ago when I used to ride in shoes, or, worse still, joggers, I had several instances where my shoelaces nearly brought me unstuck. It's a terrible feeling to go to put your foot down at the intersection and find that you can't because the laces are wrapped around the footpeg.

    Don't ride with laced shoes!
  3. If you have shoe laces, you have normal shoes or runners. Not a great solution for your feet.
  4. Didn't the rider who crashed on the freeway the other day say that he was wearing normal shoes and that both of them got torn off in the accident?
  5. Usually in the gear lever.

    Once you wear a proper pair of riding boots, you'll never go back.

    Or fallen, and then have to hobble for weeks while your ankle/toes heals. It's not a pleasant experience.
  6. +1 Driven.

    Anybody who has tangled their shoe lace in a bicycle's pedal will understand what the risk is.

    I used to wear lace-up work boots on the motorcycle (until I wisened up a got a pair of SIDIs) and would always circle the laces around the upper boot (above the ankle) until I ran out of slack, then tie a double-knot.
  7. Just tuck the laces in or double knot. Learnt that lesson ages ago on the pushie
  8. Buckles FTW. I was riding with a mate who had Globe runners on. Puts his foot down and gets it caught in the peg, then starts to go over towards me. I shoved my shoulder out and this gave him enough time to slam his foot down which snapped the laces and he was able to get the foot down. Without me next to him, he would have been laying on his side.
  9. I don't really see the laces danger if you do one of two things:

    a) Have the laces so short that they can't catch on anything
    b) Have the laces so long that they can be tucked in and won't come out.

    As for the style of footwear - it's up to you.
  10. i would assume a shoelace being caught in the chain or rear sprocket could cause you to shit your pants...but as allready mentioned, shoe laces implies the wearing of shoes...shoes offer very little protection to your ankle, toes and shin... and in the event of a crash may fail to keep your bones inside your foot and lower leg....the fellow that crashed recently on the eastern was very lucky, as is anyone who gets to walk away, but no two crashes are ever the same.
  11. Been riding in lace-up boots for 20 years now and never had a problem. Spent years riding in company with like minded souls (collective experience, several bazillion miles) and none of them had negative experiences to report either.

    And what the hell do you think riders wore in the 40-50 years that bikes existed before the widespread adoption of the zip during and after WW2?

    Given reasonable care, laces ain't a problem.
  12. I almost came to grief when I was doing q-ride because of a caught up shoe lace.

  13. when i went for a slide, i was wearing my sidi b2's... and my ankle still got a bruising! puffed up for months.. no bloody way would i be riding with laced shoes!!!!!