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Shoelaces can be pretty handy at times

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dane75, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. So yesterday (Saturday) I left Echuca with a mate up to Mt Hotham... went through some nice roads particularly around Yea and then between Mansfield and Whitfield. Made it up Mt Hotham no worries even though the last section was in thick fog with extremely poor visibility. We stayed at a ski lodge on Mt Hotham which wasn't too bad.

    Left at about 9am this morning with a bit of fog still hanging around. Came around a few bends and the fog had cleared about 5 mins into the trip down. As I came around one medium speed bend the next one looked tighter and I was still moving pretty fast so I went to brake heavily to slow down for the bend.... the combination of some dew on the road and my cold tyres made me slide rather than brake and then I made a big mistake.... I panicked a bit and locked the brakes up even harder and the bike just slid straight... through the bend into a small gravel patch and then bang into the crash barrier just in front of a big drop. I hit the barrier at roughly 50kmph with the bike still upright. I thought I was going to get flung over the edge and put my foot out at the barrier to try and stop myself (perhaps not a smart idea).

    The front end of the bike was smashed - headlight and instrument panel dangling out the bottom of some severely cracked and broken cowling and a busted windscreen, indicator and front mud guard. It was all hanging down and threatening to fall off and I had no tools or anything else to repair it with.... I had packed a pair of lace up shoes so I grabbed them out of my backpack and pulled the laces out and managed to tie everything back into place as best I could. The instruments were a bit crooked and further back than they should have been but it all worked - bar the right hand indicator. Tested the bike out to make sure everything else worked and was straight and set off down Mt Hotham again a little more gingerly and cursing my stupidity for letting it happen and forgetting all the procedures we are taught.

    Long story short after a few stops to retighten and fix things back in place and made it back down and home through Whitfield and Yea again and back to Cohuna. Now I have to take everything off and assess the damage then set about finding replacement parts. I know I will get abused for my handling of things... but I f'd up and paid the price and have learn't a valuable lesson.
  2. Glad you are OK, that's the main thing. I carry a small roll of gaffer tape and some cable ties just in case I need to jury rig something to get me home. Hope you are back out there soon, don't beat yourself up too much about the incident. Live and learn with the emphasis on both living and learning. :) Cheers Mate.
  3. Fencing wire is pretty good, too.
  4. I've got an old harley, I have a mate in a ute follow me everywhere..
  5. Heres some pics of the damage... Took everything off this morning to have a decent look at the damage. The worst bit is the headlight and instruments, the case and mounts for them are all busted



  6. Main thing is you are ok. I bet your nerves were a bit shaken when you got back on again. I've had experience of sliding/wobbling on both tyres and its a scary experience even when you dont come off. Hope you get your bike fixed soon.
  7. Sorry to hear about your crash, but most importand thing you're alright.
  8. I think I remember that corner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About 7 years ago I went down to visit my son in Melbourne and decided to take the scenic route back. It was my first long ride on the VFR and Mt Hotham was such a fabulous experience; the scenery was fantastic and the roads were deserted. But there were a few of those closing-radius corners that got my attention!
  9. That sort of situation is one of the reasons I got a bike with ABS. When push comes to shove I doubt I'd have the presence of mind in an emergency situation to brake even close to as efficiently as the ABS could.
  10. Sorry to hear about the crash dude and hope you get the bike back as new in no time.
  11. Glad you're okay. Everybody, beware the downhill left-hand turns! Especially between Hotham Airport-Omeo. In my short life I've seen way too many nasty motorbike fatalities on that stretch of road.