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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Boshy, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. I live in Western Sydney and I am looking to buy another great Shoei helmet. The last one I had set me back $700+ but it saved my life so I want to get the same quality as a minimum. Any ideas on where I can purchase Shoei helmets at a great price?

  2. Got mine from Sydney City Motorcycles :) Got the NXR which I think is an awesome piece of kit!
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  3. Define great price.
    Most sellers will discount a bit if pressed but you will be unlikely to save a bundle buying locally.

    Importing could be much cheaper, provided you don't get stung for no AS1698 compliance.
  4. What about trying a helmet on first?
  5. Try on here, buy from overseas.

    No, I've never done it myself.
  6. Go to your nearest stockist.
  7. Typical.
  8. You can buy shoei helemts online from Aussie retailer, which comes with the AU standard stickers.

    So go to the free showroom at Peter Stevens or whenever and buy online from AU.

    But TBH I would buy helmets from you local shop for the multitude of reasons.
  9. Thanks team, after posting I did a rather extensive online search and found "the helmet warehouse" in Yagoona as simon791 has mentioned. Pricing for all gear looks exceptional. Might have to drop in for fathers day. Now I need the new ride to go with all this gear I am about to buy. GSXR750 or NSR250 Hmmmmm.
  10. +1 on the Helmet Warehouse. Really knowledgable and helpful staff. They knew just by looking at me that I had a Shoei head, even though I walked in planning to buy a Nolan. They were right, and they picked my size as well.
  11. Another vote for the folks at Yagoona, I've bought two Shoei XR1100's from them.

    Not a huge shop or massive stock but very friendly and knowledgeable.
  12. Thanks guys, do you know if they sell childrens size Shoei's? My son is 8 and he would like to become a pillion. Any other reliable safe childrens helmets out there with a good rep I would be glad to hear if you may know or have some experience with. Cheers,
  13. If you want your kid as a pillion, just check with his mum first. I'd bought my son a jacket, gloves and draggins before my ex told him he wasn't allowed. If you're in Sydney and want gloves and a jacket I guess I can let go of the dream and get some space back in the cupboard.
  14. That is very sad Huges the kid would love it, you would have some one on one time. Sometimes I think mothers fears suck the joy out of life for kids.
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  15. Gt Air will be my next helmet. Dad also just purchased a TZX. I love my shoei and the quality justifies the price
  16. Checked with mum and she is hesitant but understands my passion and my want/need to try and pass it on. It has been agreed that small rides in local suburb first and slowly build to the hills and a lunch spot. I have slowly convinced her to have a go on my next traily, I think she is slowly seeing the light and would like to be a part of the dream. Thanks guys.
  17. Just scored the deal of the century I think - got 2 genuine and Aussie stickered Shoei GT Air Regalia Green for $500.00 each. RRP is $829 and current sales price all over is $699. So I reckon I have $200 x 2 worth of beer money left in the kitty.

    Had tried on and really liked it before, but was looking at $400-$500 mark helmets, couldn't believe when this popped up online yesterday. Rang and checked, then bought mine first, rushed the other half into a bike shop to try the GT Air on, and then bought the other one online too (don't like doing that but $200 is a big gap). Got the last Large and Small available. Seems to me someone mistyped the price in as they seemed pretty surprised at how low it was. I checked online again later in the day and the remaining XL and M were up to $699 to match the rest of the GT Airs on sale out there.

    Happy days... (y)
  18. Where did you get them from?
  19. They were listed on eBay but they were actually located at Springwood Suzuki's (QLD) via their online sales (I rang to check). Like I said though, I think somebody made an error and probably would've got into poo at that price because they had put the remaining GT Air helmets up to $699 later the same day. $699 is the best you'll find right now I think. But thats still a fair bit off $830 RRP.