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Shoei XR1100 - Your own personal hurricane

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Azzab, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I recently purchased a XR1100. I tried on a Shark, AGV, Arai and none of them fit because I have these stupid sticky-outty-ears. So the Shoei (and HJC) are the only ones that don't fold my ears down because they have big ear pockets.

    The problem is riding at anything over 100klm means I get to enjoy my own personal hurricane inside the helmet. I have ear plugs but I don't enjoy the sensation of riding half deaf and not hearing the bike.

    Anyone else have this problem or did I just get a dud?

  2. I find I get extra noise in my Shark when my jacket collar is in a particular position. Perhaps something to look at.
  3. Maybe you need thicker cheekpads? Mine is fairly loud too.
  4. mke your own inserts for the ear pockets to suit you
    I understand the sticky out ear thing hence why my helmets have larger ear pockets for that and to fit speakers

    I will be adding a removable ear padding piece soon as standard though

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  5. You should still be able to hear your bike with ear plugs in.

    Alternatively, a surgeon can pin your ears back. Prince Charles got it done.
  6. or you could try wearing a light scarf?? I mean to take up some of the space between your helmet opening and your neck..
  7. Hey goddie you and I were talking about this kit yesterday at breaky. I am so tempted to swap helmets before I ride to Canberra just for this.
  8. Thanks guys, some great suggestions there. Will definately look into the whisper strip, already have the chin guard and it doesnt seem to do much.

    The ear thingys would be a great idea too - do Shoei make them?

    Oh and seeing as though Takamii bought up a good point. Who listens to music when they ride and what is everyones opinion on it?
  9. Alex what size is your helmet? Hmm maybe try on Takamiish helmets? Did you go out to see the helmets with the guys a little while back?
    All I know, if I wear a scraf or something to hold off the wind coming up under the neck it makes the world of difference..
  10. I need a medium. But I wont be rushing out buying helmets unless I need to. Since you cant sell 2nd hand helmets I'll just ride this old helmet out. I dont have to much problem with wind at least the mp3 music lowers the impact.

    Takami helmet would be great on the long rides for weight but. But I dont think there as queit as the Arai.
  11. i listen to music most often, but sometimes i just wear earplugs and i can hear my bike with either.
    i have in-ear phones which cut out most but not all noise.

    music doesn't present a problem until it's too loud or the headphones cut too much noise, makes you feel like you're in a fishbowl.

    i have an xr1100 too, they are loud, there's no denying it. but it's easily managed
  12. Check the alignment of your visor to make sure it seals properly otherwise it can generate a LOT of noise
  13. One of my clients paid $1400 for a top of the range Arai he rekons its as quiet as. I dont think I could spend that much on a lid unless it had some gold in it but.
  14. Tis a shame theres no db rating for noise at 100 kmh speed!!

    Now if you paid $1400 for a helmet and you got almost no wind noise, woudlnt you think it's worth every dollar spent?
  15. Not wrong. but still want to here the sweet note of his 1098S
  16. got a funny feeling nuthin would stop your ears from hearing the sweet sound of a duc
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  17. Yes i have a Shoei XR1100 and yes when i ride over 100kms I get this awful sound like when you take DVD on a really windy day. I close the vents but then I get the problem of fogging up. Well that explains my bad helmet hair hehehehe.
  18. got love the helmet hair. Just have lok at my horrible learners permit photo..
  19. must admit my xr1000 gets a tad noisy with front vents opened at 100 but mainly if i turn my head sideways a tad.. Besides I have moulded ear plugs now THEY are worth the money!!