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Shoei xr1100 fitting issues

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by philmydang, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. So I bought a new lid - shoei xr1100 afew weeks ago, and it felt like a great helmet. I tried it on in store for a good 10-15 minutes and had no issues with it. I only noticed yesterday in my ride from Syd-Nowra (sorry i didn't invite u guys it was very last minute) after about an hour of riding I had some VERY intense pain around my temples. Really ruined my ride, as I couldn't get my mind off it. I pulled over a few times and after 5-10 minutes of rest I was able to get about 40-50 mins of riding before it started to hurt like buggery again. I'm really annoyed that i spent big bucks on a premium helmet, only to be dissapointed with the fit after a real ride. I know the demo helmet I tried on must've been stretched from everyone else trying it on, but is there anything else I can do to solve this?? I'm guessing returning it is not an option. I've been wearing it around the house and even getting my housemates to squish their heads in an attempt to 'loosen' it up. Was even contemplating taking a pocket knife to the EPS liner and shaving off a few mm around the temples (stupid yes, but it was that uncomfortable).

  2. Grab the smaller size internals for it.

    I got one a while back and had a similar problem (left ear pain ) do a search you will find the thread the PDF of the parts list etc on here.

    I ended up going down to the smallest cheek pads etc. And even then also chopped out a tiny bit of the lining.
  3. Keep wearing it every chance you get. It will take more then a few hours to mould to your head. Eventually though it should fit perfectly. I had a similar experience with my XR1100 but not quite so bad by the sounds of it. After a little over a month it now fits perfect. I wear it everyday though.

    I wouldn't be modifying the inside of it either, especially not with a knife.

    A tight (sometimes uncomfortable) helmet today is the perfect helmet in the long run. I think you just need to let it mould to your head. ;)
  4. if you were to "trim it" ( and I do not advocate that) use a rasp file not a knife

    or throw it away and get one of mine
  5. Not that I have the moolah but how would I go about trying on of your helmets on for size takami?

    Had a pretty genius idea, not sure how it'll go down. Pulled the liner out and tried on the shell. Lots of room. Good sign. Now my cheekpads and centre liner are sitting underneath 20 kilos of dumbells in attempt to squash them to size. Better go check on it now...
  6. For about $12 you can buy thinner cheek pads.
  7. Please be so kind to direct me towards these 12dollar pads
  8. Search xr1100 on here for a thread with part numbers.

    And head to Peter stevens they carry them in stock.
  9. The Helmet Wearhouse on The Hume Hwy has the differant check pads,there $50,not $12.What I ended up doing is add some 15mm soft foam to the crown to pack mine up a bit.
    That was helmet number 2,pissed off with helmet number 1 so much I had to get one size bigger,through gritted teeth and another $700 or so.Have a look at the zero padding behind the ear box.Shoei quality is slipping from years ago.The major problem is not so many sizes padded out with the inners,there either to tight or to sloppy
  10. Wow $50 ?!

    I'm sure I didn't pay that much.

    Even so $50 to make you $700 helmet fit right. ......
  11. Yeah same with my RX-Q Arai's. Dude in the shop said get a tight fit to start with, itll give.
    Bit of pain from both helmets for the first couple weeks of regular wear has fitted the pads nicely to my head. No dramas now! :D.
  12. In my case it was the hard shell behind the ear,no give there.I fell between 2 sizes.I always went for a tight fit but it was a big mistake in my case,the first helmet would really hurt after half a day and was still that way 9 months later,thats why I ended up with 2 helmets,the later 1 size bigger
  13. My new XR-1100 hurt badly just at the top of my left ear when I wore molded earplugs. The mold earplugs pushed the top of my ear outwards just enough so that my ear pressed onto the EPS liner where there is no padding just behind the ear. I think this was stopping blood flow, because after a half hour ride my ear started hurting, and taking the helmet off, then taking the earplugs out, hurt like crazy.

    When I use foam earplugs, no pain. I had a look at the EPS where my ear gets squashed, and realised that it can be molded a little bit just by pressing on it with my thumb. I also found that the liner sat a bit lower on the left than the right, so it could have been pressing on the top of my ear. There is a label under the liner on the left side as well, and it had some creases in it which may have created pressure points. I flattened them down.

    Anyway, I missplaced my molded earplugs for a while so haven't had a chance to test again, but I think I can fix the problem by repositioning the liner a little higher and further back, and then deforming the EPS a little bit to make space for my ear.

    Give it a go. The XR-1100 is a great helmet. It would be a shame to not use it, if it can be fixed easily. Just make sure you work out exactly where the pressure points are which cause the pain. If you have pain at the temples, the pressure points are probably at the top of the jaw, which is often the widest point of a person's head.
  14. So an update for anyone who cares, I've gone for thinner cheekpads which I thought helped, but only initially. Also tried stuffing some socks and hankies underneath the centre liner to soften the pressure at certain points - that didn't work either.
    Am running out of ideas and starting to consider carving away at that EPS liner.

    Not sure if this is possible but what if i were to 'stretch' the helmet by rigging up some ratchets to each chin strap. Would that gradually (if ever so slightly) loosen it up or would the helmet just spring back into its original shape each time. Hell its worth a try at least.
  15. I defiantly would NOT go pulling on the straps with ratchets,you would probably pull them right out,maybe a hot air gun with some finger in a towel pressure like has been mentioned to the hard bits behind the ear.I use molded ear plugs as well so that probably was my problem.I like most of this helmet except the lack of padding around the SUPPOSEDLY enlarged ear area.I also added 10mm of soft foam in the middle of the top,I must have a shorter head than most,definably zero hair for padding.I know its drastic but if packing the helmet up a bit doesnt help I would be excavationg small amounts of what was making the presure,from the helmet,not your head
  16. it'll mould to your head.

    My Shoei was tight when i bought it, but after a good couple of months it got better and better. Now it fits like a glove.

    I wouldnt go trying to stretch it though!
  17. That's what I was hoping, but 6 months on, it doesn't feel any better than when I first bought it which is why I'm having these crazy thoughts.
  18. refer to my post on page 1 about how to trim it
  19. I'm just super worried about trimming into a 700dollar helmet. Guy from the store told me it could take up to 2 years to get a decent fit (don't know if that smells like bs to me). Might consider fashioning my own top liner out of squishy foam first.
  20. 2 years is BS,the soft foam loosens but the harder bits I doutb wil give much