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Shoei XR1000 vs TZR

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bangalla, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Has anyone worn both the XR1000 and TZR? I've tried both on and the fit seems fairly similar, but I'd like to hear what they're like while riding. Any comparative notes appreciated.

  2. I havent tried the XR1000 whilst riding. ( I guess I shouldnt really reply eh :facepalm: )
    I can tell you, however, that the TZR is very quiet and comfy.
    ( I am comparing this to my old Nitro )
  3. xr1000 is much better for riding. but i think for crash protection they are about equal
  4. yes they are. compared to my kbc.

    i prefered the tzr over the xr1000 because i found the extra venting really bulky on the xr1000. preferred the slimmer look of the tzr + price.
  5. I choose the XR1000 oveer the TZR because it had more air vents. It was lighter and I guess it was quieter. I never got to wear the TZR whilst riding but the XR1000 is great. Compared to my KBC XR-2, it is a much better helmet. I thought that it was worth the money.
  6. I have had the XR1000 for over a year now and its a great helmet. I don't believe it would be the quietest (although I don't have a lot to compare) however the air vents are what sold me for the climate up here. They work a treat and are even good during wet weather to stop fogging.

    Can't compain about anything really although removable padding would be good but mine hasn't needed a wash after over 10000km's and I have oily wog hair. I can see it lasting at least another year as the liner is still fairly firm and fitting well.
  7. I have both an XR1000 and a TZR.

    I like the XR1000 better, maybe it's a bit lighter or maybe it just fits better, either way it is my favourite of the two and the one i would recommend.
  8. I have a TRZ and regret buying it.

    It is a noisy helmet that relies on the padding to muffle it, so when is compresses a bit it is a genuinly noise helmet.

    The ventilation is crap, both hot and cold and the lining is nothing special.

    It's a $200 helmet with a $5-600 price tag.

    Only buy it if it is on a real special, special.

    If you want a top end helmet look at Arias. I've never owned one, but they must be better value then Shoei's.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback.

    I should have looked at the Shoeis earlier as they are all that Mum and Dad have ever worn because 'nothing else fits properly' and having tried one on I can see the difference in fit between an XR1000 and my Shark. Who would have thought that I'd have the same shaped head as my parents? :roll:

    Time to convince the Minister for Finance