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Shoei XR1000 Vs. Arai Vector Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cgracer, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Shoei XR-1000

  2. Arai Vector

  1. Hi,
    first post here, I'm a n00b, going for my L's very soon and keen to get either a Honda VTR250 or a Kawasaki Ninja 250...anyway.
    I'm looking at getting one of these helmets:

    * Shoei XR-1000 (with that union jack design - run out model) - $600;
    * Arai Vector - $650.

    I've tried both of them on and I thought the Shoei was slightly more comfortable, the Arai's cheek pads put more pressure on my face than the Shoei's did, and I preferred the visor design of the Shoei.
    The price seems good too, it was originally $799, but they've got 25% off atm, they are clearing out the Shoei's because they don't want to carry them anymore, not enough demand or something...

    It seems like they are both comparable helmets, I think the Vector is a newer design than the XR-1000 though...? The guy in the shop said he believes the cover on the sides of the Visor on the Arai generates more noise, and that the vents are noisier. He indicated that the Shoei's Visor was a better design, and that it and the vents were quieter...?

    So I'm wondering if the cheek pressure thing was a good thing? I wore the helmets for ~10 miniutes each and they were quite comfortable, I thought they both weighed the same. I just felt less pressure on the sides of my face from the Shoei, so I was thinking that over time the pressure from the Arai would cause a headache...?

    If anyone can help with suggestions etc, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. I have an XR-1000 and I have no complaints about it, it's very comfortable and fits me well. Helmets are quite a personal thing so it's hard to say that one is better than the other. My advice is to go with whatever felt more comfortable, but bear in mind that they do loosen up a bit after a while, I made that mistake with my first helmet... perfect in the shop but after a couple of months it turned out to be too big :cry:
  3. Well I have the XR1000 Camber in blue. Its a fantastic helmet, Iv'e found it reasonably quiet, it's light, and it looks pretty good IMO. The venting is excellent, as is the finish. I got a dark tint visor for sunny days, and also a breathe guard (altho for $600 it should really come as standard).

    I did try on the Arai Vector aswell, and I too found it pressed to hard on my cheeks, we must have similar heads. Keep in mind that helmets loosen up a bit after a few weeks, it really is important that they be a snug fit (they should be able to measure your head instore). Either way you can't go wrong, I researched both before making my decision, and in the end I chose the one that was most comfortable.

    This website has very comprehensive reviews of both helmets plus many more

    P.S Noticed your from Wollongong! Theres a few L platers like myself around here and we go for rides through the national park often, and the more the better, so let me know when you get your bike. And if you have any questions about the VTR250 ( I have one :) ) or anything in general just send me a PM, more than happy to help out.
  4. Neither. Try a Shark RSR2 on first before deciding. Can be had for <$600.
    The RSR2 is on the same level as the RX-7 and X-Eleven but with XR-1000 and Vector pricing. It is also lighter than the XR-1000 and Vector.

    I don’t like how the XR-1000 doesn’t have a removable liner, just check pads. The Shark has the best visor removal system out of the three. It also has the thickest and strongest (anti-fog) visor.

    I don’t know their testing methodology, but there was a British Government helmet test not long ago and the RSR2 scored 5/5 stars. I don't think there was a Arai or Shoei helmet that scored above 3 or 4 stars.

    Regardless, get the helmet that fits best. I was also trying to deciding between the XR-1000 and Vector just a month ago, until I found out about the RSR2. I was fortunate enough that the RSR2 was the best fit for me.

    Helmet prices are always one sale :wink:
  5. Arai's visor's suck balls! Hard to remove/replace, and difficult to lock/unlock shut whilst riding imho.
  6. +1 try a Shark RSR2 on for size.

    One of the lightest and quietest helmets on the market and comes with a 3mm easy to remove visor and great venting.

    Also one of only a few to get five stars in this recent test.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I haven't seen the Shark in any shops, can any of you suggest some shops in Wollongong or around Sydney where it would be <$600 like you said...

    If I can find out where one would be that isn't too far away, I can go and try it on this weekend...

  8. Hmm, I can't even find an RSR2 in melbourne..

    any idea which shops carry them?

    Peter Stevens don't anymore..
  9. I tried on both these helmets and decided on the Shoei simply because the Arai felt like it was crushing my cheeks..

    I know people who wear both brands of helmet and like the previous posters have said its a personal thing..

    Try them both on and walk a round for a few minutes in store and see what feels better :)

    Good luck
  10. Rather a Shark RSI, it's better than my Arai RX7 Corsair.
  11. We have a few black ones.
  12. Shoei for me. It fits my head better. THe visor is easy to remove and clean. The venting system is also very good.

    For you, it's your head, choose the one that feels the most comfortable.

    If they are both EXACTLY the same, think about how you are going to clean the visor, etc. Maybe even the foam cheeks as well???
  13. i like the arai fit for me and i likle the visor mech too. but its all personal opinion really.

    i dont see the point spending $600 on my $200 head
  14. Well, I ended up paying a visit to the helmet warehouse on hume hwy and got an XR-1000 for $589, I decided on the artifact design (red version).
    They had Shark RSX helmets there for 1/2 the price of the Shoei, but there was just too much helmet movement. I ended up downsizing to a large and found a more optimal fit than the XL.
    The Shoei fits like a glove, at first it was difficult to get on and off until I figured how to use the straps effectively (pulling outwards rather than down).
    So I'm pretty happy with it, there is no movement, its comfortable and feels reasuring safety wise.

    I prefer the visor system on the Shoei too, I just need to tighten up some parts of it, as they seem a bit loose...

    Now I just need to get my license, a VTR250, and some riding gear.
    Then I'll be good to go, cheers for all the help guys. :grin:
  15. Just takes practice mate. I'm now able to take the tinted off and change to a clear without removing the helmet in under 20 secs.

    I haven't used a Shoei but I love the snug fit of the Arai.
  16. Im pretty sure bikemart in ringwood had at least 1 RSR2 in stock when I was there Friday cause I tried it on. really nice helmet. cant get over how light it was.

    I ended up buying an xr1000 as it fittted better.
  17. love the fit, but have given up on the visor change :(