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Shoei XR1000 accessories

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AFX, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Would anyone happen to know if the Shoei XR1000 helmet is supposed to come with the breath guard and chin curtain accessories?

    I am referring to the model sold here in Australia.

    I have read on some sites that these accessories were bundled with the RF1000 (I think this is the XR1000 equivalent in the US).

    Thanks for your help! :)
  2. I know for a fact that they were not with mine when I got it 6 weeks ago... also for some reason they forgot to include the smoke visor... :)

    With winter nearly over I don't think you really need the breath guard any more... although not perfect, it doesn't smog up to badly... just keep the vents open and the speed above 80 !
  3. same I didn't get squat, but I didn't know any better should have asked for them. got the lid, clear visor and a cloth bag. $615 was a good price though.
  4. Nope. they don't include it.. I had to buy both of mine....
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone!

    It may have been bundled with the US version. I remember some people complained about it when they ordered the breath guard / chin curtain and they were already included with the helmet.

    The only accessory I actually need is the chrome visor for the XR1000, though I've read they're prone to scratches.

    I just have to find a place that sells one for less than $100.
  6. If you're a Netrider member, Bikemart in Ringwood are having a members sale 15% off everything, in Septmber, check out the evens section.. not sure where you're from butyou can get them pretty cheap then! :]
  7. If you want a breathguard for your shoei, buy the Nitro one, they're a quarter of the price and fit better than the genuine shoei one does.

    The x11 comes with a chin guard
  8. The only accessory I need for the helmet is a chrome tinted visor - preferably under $100.

    I still need to get the rest of my gear so Bikemart looks like a good option, thanks Grunge!
  9. Dang, You should have told me that before I bought mine!! Ugh... Maybe I need to take a look at it anyways.. the shoei one I have..... isn't that good.. I think I want one that's more plastic than foamy.
  10. I never got a chin guard with my x11....... just basic helmet, clear visor, and cloth bag
  11. where did you get it from Bix? I don't remember??

    The chin guard for the x-elevens is in the plastic sleeve with the manual..
  12. Yeah I thought about buying a chin guard but i neckwarmer does the job just as well.

    Only thing im looking for a the moment is thicker cheek pads. When i bought my helmet last year i had long boofy hair, now thats gone its a little loose now. They are not cheap either!
  13. Grunge, I forgot to ask but what date is the sale on at Bikemart?
  14. Would anyone know where the Nitro breathguard is available in VIC or online? Has anyone tried this on the XR-1000 lid?
  15. Most bike shops who ever stocked the nitro helmets will have them :)

    Just ring up your local dealer and ask :)

    And 100% positive they fit, sold a few of them :)
  16. my xr1000 did not come with these accessories. They are optional, bought a dark tinted visor for about 50 bucks and a shoei breath guard for about 25 bucks. The iridium visor your talking are a bit dearer and I've also heard that these types of visors are a lot more prone to scratching.